Illicit Liquor Manufacturing Busted Punjab Village Boparai Khurd in Lopoke

Punjab Police busts illicit Liquor Manufacturing Unit in Amritsar Rural district; five held

— 1,18,400 kg Lahan, 390 litres illicit liquor recovered; 8 Working Stills smashed

— 38 Illicit Liquor distillers and bootleggers arrested by Amritsar Rural Police since March 1; 7,54,100 kg Lahan, 4061 litres liquor recovered

CHANDIGARH / AMRITSAR, May 2, 2021:  Adopting a zero tolerance approach towards bootlegging, the Amritsar Rural Police have busted another illicit liquor manufacturing unit with arrest of five persons during a raid at village Boparai Khurd in Lopoke here on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday.

    The arrested persons have been identified as Sarwan Singh, Angrez Singh, Sanjay, Avtar Singh and Resham Singh, all residents of village Boparai Khurd in Lopoke. The Police have also recovered 1,18,400Kg Lahan (raw material used for making liquor), 390 litres illicit liquor, eight working stills, 94 drums (50 litres each), four gas cylinders and 20 tarpaulins from their possession.

    Notably, this is the 7th such illegal liquor manufacturing unit busted by the Amritsar Rural Police in the last two months, which led to the arrest of as many as 38 bootleggers. The Police have seized 7,54,100 kg Lahan, 4061.25 litres illicit liquor, 57 Working Stills, 1830 Kg Jaggery, 297 drums, 78 Tarpaulins, 43 Gas cylinders, four water tanks, 62 cans and six motorcycles in these seven operations since March 1.


    Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Amritsar Rural Dhruv Dahiya said that based on specific intelligence inputs and meticulous recee at suspected locations, the joint police teams from Amritsar Rural carried out a six hours long operation in the area, which led to unearth the large scale illicit liquor manufacturing unit. The police teams were led by ASP Majitha Abhimanyu Rana, DSP Detective Gurinder Nagra, DSP Special Branch Sukhraj Singh and DSP Attari Gurpartap Singh Sahota, he added.


    SSP Dahiya said that besides undertaking the detailed geographical mapping exercise of the production and supply chains of all the illicit liquor units busted so far, the Police are also scrutinising the assets of the accused persons to establish their network of financial flows.


    “Preliminary investigations indicate that the accused persons had established a sophisticated and semi – mechanised scale of production of illicit liquor, which is based on sourcing of raw materials like jaggery from within the village, and is sustained by extensive illicit distribution chains radiating from outside the focal ‘hot spot’ village,” he said.


    The SSP said that the Police were investigating the case from various angles and more such illegal liquor making units are expected to be unearthed soon.

    Meanwhile, the case has been registered under sections 61, 78 (2), 1 and 14 of the Excise Act at Police Station Lopoke and the process to forfeit the properties of the accused persons, as per the legal provisions, is underway.

  •  March 1, 2021 : Eight persons were arrested with 1,09,000Kg Lahan, 1780 litres illicit liquor from village Khiala Kalan in Lopoke
  •  March 5, 2021 : 11 persons were arrested with 58,200Kg Lahan and 461.25 litres illicit liquor from village Lakhuwal in Ajnala
  •  March 11, 2021 : Five persons were arrested with 12,300Kg Lahan and 300 litres illicit liquor from village Chhapa Ram Singh in Jandiala
  •  March 13, 2021 : Three persons were arrested with 1,26,000Kg Lahan and 360 litres illicit liquor from village Kotli Sakka in Rajasansi
  •  March 20, 2021 : Five persons were arrested with 1,03,500Kg Lahan and 370 litres illicit liquor from village Jasso Nangal in Beas
  •  March 26, 2021: Four persons were arrested with 1,16,000Kg Lahan and 400 litres illicit liquor from village Chak Mishri Khan in Lopoke