India @ 09 PM Lighting The Nation Event in Corona Crisis came as morale booster

MP Governor Tandon lit lamps of resolve
Raj Bhawan illuminated with the light of unity

Bhopal: Sunday, 05 April 5, 2020 MP Governor Lal G. Tandon today expressed his commitment to national unity to tackle the crisis by lighting a lamp in Raj Bhavan to defeat Corona with great resolve among the ongoing measures to prevent and control the infection of corona virus. Resident families of Raj Bhavan also lit a 9-minute lamp at 9 o'clock in the night and gave new strength and energy to the resolution of national unity.

Governor Shri Tandon said that the Prime Minister's appeal is an opportunity to further strengthen the unity of the country. It is a resolve to tie the thread of unity with great resolve. It will also participate in the development of spiritual consciousness. Such an opportunity does not get repeated in life. It is our moral and social responsibility to give the message to the whole world that India should be the only country to essentially live at home to defeat Corona with great resolve amidst ongoing measures to prevent and control the corona virus infection. Is where the commitment to deal with the crisis lies in everyone.

Corona will be defeated by the collective resolve of the people of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi
Chief Minister Chouhan burnt the family at 9 pm

Bhopal: Sunday, April 5, 2020, Today the entire nation has united in the war against Corona under the leadership of Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. As a pledge of this solidarity, everyone has lit lamps and lighted them in their homes. This collective resolution of 130 crore people of India will defeat Corona. Humanity will win, humans will win. We will defeat the darkness of Corona with the light of faith. 'from darkness, lead me to light''.

The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan lit the family at his residence on the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to shut down all the lights of the house from 9am to 9pm today, on 5th April. And vowed that we all together will defeat Corona as soon as possible.

Effect of the Governor's appeal in the state
People of all religions united to defeat Corona
Light of collective harmony came out of every courtyard in the state
Governor expressed his gratitude to the people
The Governor stood with a candle for nine minutes and meditated for the prosperity of the state

Jaipur, April 05, 2020. The effect of Governor Shri Kalraj Mishra's appeal to the people of the state was that the state was illuminated by candles, lamps, mobiles and torch lights coming out of every courtyard from 9 am to 9 minutes on Sunday night. Once upon a time, it seemed as if people of all faiths had brought together a new harmony in the state by uniting the collective harmony in order to beat the darkness of Corona from the state.

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra, stood with a candle in his hand at the entrance of the main building in his state house, before 09. Sunday night. In the candle light for the entire nine minutes, he meditated for the prosperity of the state. The first lady of the state Smt. Satyavati Mishra and the family of the Governor also gave their prayers in this havan to beat Corona.

The Governor said that every person of the state has taken an active participation in following the rules of social distancing in the call of the Prime Minister of the country. Gov Kalraj Mishra said that this brought collective power. He said that this collective illumination corona would prove to be an effective step in defeating the global epidemic.

Governor Kalraj Mishra said that people have taken commendable initiative in this work of country interest. In this work, people of all religions and all castes, together, have considered the interests of the country paramount. The Governor has thanked the people of the state for this solidarity. He said that prevention is the only effective way to get rid of the epidemic like Corona. The Governor said that the people of the state have shown patience in the hour of this crisis, for which every citizen of the state is entitled to piousism.