India International Virtual Conference Chair Emeritus Professor Michael E Meadows with Gov Kalraj Mishra

Governor Mishra addressed at the India International Conference Chaired by Prof. Mike Meadows  of University of Cape Town
Proper management of locally available resources
Localization should boost local development: Governor Kalraj Mishra

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Friday, 18 December 2020 Governor Kalraj Mishra has emphasized to work on such a vision of sustainable development in which globalization will promote local development. He said that the benefits of globalization can be achieved only when proper management of locally available resources is taken care of with proper management of the risks associated with it.

Prof. Mike Meadows is a Physical Geographer who has been at the University of Cape Town since 1983. Originally hailing from Liverpool, UK, Mike obtained his BSc Honours at the University of Sussex and his PhD the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Governor Kalraj Mishra was addressing the India International Virtual Conference on Local Development from Globalization by Mohanlal Sukhadia University here today. It included world famous geographers, academics, subject experts working on globalization.

The Governor called upon the Indian culture to work with the vision of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', that under globalization, not only material progress and development is important but human welfare should be universal. He said that the same development is sustainable and effective in which human life is happy and rich in mind.

Governor Kalraj Mishra said that on the pretext of global development, the ecology of the earth should not be deteriorated, no nation should lose the dignity of the person, human property. There is a need to work globally on all levels considering this. He called for globalization to work in local sustainable development by coordinating social, economic and environmental aspects with human interest.

Governor Kalraj Mishra emphasized not only on economic development growth but also on equal attention to such works for sustainable development, which can lead to betterment of education, health and well-being of all. That this is the time when more and more work should be done keeping in mind the protection of the earth and its inhabitants on a global level.

On this occasion, Governor Kalraj Mishra inaugurated the India International Conference Souvenir. He got the constitution preamble and basic duties read to everyone in the beginning.

University Vice Chancellor Prof. America Singh emphasized working on all levels from global to local development highlighting the issues related to the conference.

Chairman of India International Conference and Prof. of University of Cape Town, South Africa. Michael Meadows stressed the need to work for balanced development, citing the dangers of globalization.

Prof. of University of Delhi R. B. Singh, conference coordinator Prof. Sadhana Kothari, Dr. Bhanwar Vishwendra Raj Singh, through the conference gave views on the works related to global and local development and future plans.