Inside Story of Ad Campaign Self-propelling consumer premium golf glove brand offering unique designs for men and women sold online A Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Agency Venture

Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Agency Creates One of Golf's Fastest Growing Brands

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiden Ross Golf was launched in August 2019 by digital marketing agency, Sparq Designs, CEO Nick Brucker. The company began as a premium golf glove brand offering unique designs for men and women sold through their website. The brand was developed as a pilot by Brucker who wanted to test the viability of self-propelling consumer brands through the digital marketing organization he founded.

"My goal was to test our agency's abilities by launching a brand into a category that has been somewhat stale for awhile," said Brucker. "I wanted to create something in the golf space that players had never seen before and knew that if we could create a quality product that was unique and had a great story, we would not be out-marketed by competitors."

Aiden Ross has recently solidified relationships with Barstool Sports, Bluejack National (a Tiger Woods design), Gamble Sands, and many private and public courses throughout the country. The brand has struck a chord among celebrities, golfers, and athletes who, by showcasing the glove, help support its online traction.

The team behind Aiden Ross spent a year prior to launch pulling data, researching the category and developing a story that resonates with millennial golfers. Even the name has a story.

"I wanted every piece of Aiden Ross to have a 'why'," said Brucker. "The name 'Aiden' was one of the most popular boy names for millennial parents over a five year period. Ross is a name that is synonymous with golf. Many people are familiar with Donald Ross (iconic golf course architect), so I decided to create a name that was short, relatable and cool."

Aiden Ross expects significant growth over the next year. Plans include a launch of an apparel and accessory line in the Spring, multiple crossover collaborations, and hopes to have a presence in over 100 clubs nationwide by the end of 2021.


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