SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS Students & Intern Doctors are God Sent Herbs

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SMIMER Medical College and Hospital MBBS students as well as intern doctors who serve the patient daily by riding in Sanjeevani Chariot
6 students of SMIMER Medical College played an important role in healing the patients by joining Sanjeeni's Rath Seva.
The joy and satisfaction of participating in the divine work to the warriors of the young Koro

Rajasthan Resident and Intern Doctors Get Honorarium Raise

Rajasthan government increased the honorarium of resident and intern doctors

Jaipur, 31 May 2021. The state government has issued an order increasing the stipend of resident doctors. Medical Minister Mr. Raghu Sharma said that the stipend of Senior Resident has been increased from Rs 61 thousand to Rs 70,150, MD / MS has been increased from Rs 48 thousand for the first year to Rs 55,200, from Rs 51 thousand to Rs 58,650 for the second year and 53 for the third year. It has been increased from Rs. thousand to Rs. 60,950.