International Museum Day Online Celebration on Social media 18 May 2020

Jaipur, 17 May. The International Museum Day will be celebrated on May 18, 2020 on the social media platform (FaceBook Page- @ Department of Art and Culture. Rajasthan) by the Department of Art and Literature and the Department of Archeology and Museums, Jaipur. Under which various activities will be conducted by the department.

Director of Archeology and Museums Department Mr. Prakash Chandra Sharma said that on this occasion, posters related to International Museum Day prepared by the Department of Arts and Literature, Tourism Department, Rajasthan Jaipur will be released on the departmental social media page. The department will start the page on social media platforms like Facebook created by the departmental page on FaceBook Page- @Department of Archeology and museums Rajasthan related to International Museum Day.

Mr. Sharma informed that on the International Day of the Museum, the state museums and monuments subordinate to the department (State Museum Ajmer- @ Ajmer Museum, State Museum Alwar- @ Govt Museum Alwar, Government Museum Jhalawar @ Govt. Museum Garh Palace Jhalawar, and Fort Amer @Amber Fort A world Heritage Site) will organize an online exhibition on the social media page. Virtual tour videos of subordinate monuments and museums of the department will also be uploaded on the social media page.

He informed that on International Museum Day, lightning will be done on the subordinate monuments and museum of the department. All museums and monuments under the department will also post videos and photos related to museums and monuments on their social media page.