Julia Herrin crowns Jill Dudley Miss South Carolina 2022

Reigning Queen Julia Herrin Miss South Carolina 2021 as her successor Miss Hartsville, Jill Dudley Miss South Carolina 2022 to compete at the upcoming Miss America 2023 today on Sat, June 25 at the end of Grand Finale of 85th Miss South Carolina Competition in Columbia Township Auditorium!!!

Jill Dudley is CCU & Chi Omega Alum, S.C. Paralegal who support social work Kindness is virtuous.

She is Coastal Carolina Chanticleer!!!

Meera Bhonslé Crowned Miss South Carolina USA 2022

Miss. South Carolina USA 2022, Preliminary Title Miss Upstate USA 2022 Meera Bhonsle is now official delegate to Miss. USA 2022 pageant later this year, as soon as she captured the crown just now, will proudly represent South Carolina.

Miss South Carolina USA 2022 Tickets & Vote Online with Grand Finale Results

11:03 PM, Sat, March 5, 2022 EST: The Grande Finale at Miss SC USA Arena is nearing completion, Check Results Till Now: