Jagdalpur NCC Cadets Training Camp 2021 Schedule

Jagdalpur 26 October 2021: Annual Training Camp-2021 Chhattisgarh (Self) 09 Company organized a program organized by NCC Jagdalpur on 25 October 2021 under the direction of Camp Commandant Col Ajay Dhawan of Joint Annual Training Camp organized at Kumhrawand. DIG CRPF Shri AP Singh briefed the NCC cadets regarding unity and discipline, inspirational lectures, practical application of discipline, physical, mental and intellectual, Naxalism as well as recruitment in the army. Anirupa Manjhi, Assistant Commandant 241 Bastaria Battalion CRPF exhorted all the NCC cadets to live in unity and discipline as well as provide invaluable cooperation in the interest of society and the country.
    Demonstration was shown by Commandant Home Guard Officer Santosh Kumar Marble about how to avoid fire and reduce the loss of life and property. Demonstration of all the methods of fire control through fire extinguishing by the team and the ability to make quick decisions and emotions to the disaster management team and how cadets can save public money by being involved in this. Information given. Important lectures were given to 114 NCC cadets in the camp. Col. AK Ahuja Deputy Kemp Commandant, Kemp Adjutant Ld.P. Singh, Caretaker Yogendra Kumar Subedar Jitendra Ram and all PI staff belonging to the Indian Army have participated. From 23 to 25 October 2021, firing is being done by imparting training to NCC cadets in firing with 22 rifles in 5th Corps Armed Forces Kangoli.