ACS Sudhansh Pant reviews Jaipur Covid management, Report Here

Focus on three sources for further reduction in Kovid infection rate - Secretary in charge, ACS Water Department
Increase in sampling, cradle of covid appropiate behavior and vaccination is necessary
-ACS Sudhansh Pant reviewed the Covid management in the district

Cops Deployed on duty for the whole day outside the state Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital

chaubees ghante sakriyata ke saath tainaat hai pulis ajamer, 2 maee. raajakeey javaahar laal neharu chikitsaalay par aane vaale sabhee gambheer mareejon ko poora sahayog kiya ja raha hai. chikitsaalay ke kovid vaard mein mareejon ko dikhaane, bhartee karane evan upachaar karane ke saath hee unhen nirdhaarit sthaan par pahunchaane kee bhee pooree vyavastha kee gaee hai. raajakeey javaahar laal neharoo chikitsaalay ke baahar pulis ke javaan poora din mustedee se dyootee par tainaat hain.

Drugs Black Marketing and Hospital Irregularities Checked in Jaipur

Drug control team inspected two hospitals in Jaipur, found many irregularities

Jaipur 1 May 2021. On Saturday, on the instructions of Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma, the team formed to check the black marketing of drugs in hospitals and check the recovery over the prescribed price, inspected two hospitals in Jaipur on Saturday.

Dr. Raghu Sharma Address World Hearing Day Event in Jaipur

World Hearing Day aka World listening day: Awareness and information can be brought down in cases of deafness: Medical and Health Minister

Jaipur, 3 March 2021. Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that the problem of deafness can be reduced to a great extent through awareness and information. He said that if every child born is screened and the elderly are also aware of this, cases of deafness such as deafness can decline.

Cartilage Transplantation in Gangauri Hospital, Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated Dr Siddharth Sharma

Health Minister congratulates Gangauri Hospital doctors for cartilage transplantation

Jaipur, February 24. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated Dr Siddharth Sharma and his team of Gangauri Hospital in Jaipur for cartilage transplantation.

Hospital Superintendent Dr Ajay Mathur said that this kind of transplantation has been done for the first time and it will prove very useful for sportspersons. 

Charge sheet to seven officers-employees found absent in Dausa

During the Dausa Visit by Special Investigation Teams of Jaipur Divisional Commissioner Office
Instructions given to give charge sheet to seven officers-employees found absent

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 17 December 2020: Instructions have been given by Jaipur divisional commissioner Dr. Samit Sharma and special investigation teams constituted to give charge sheets to the irregularities found during inspection and officers-employees found absent at work place.