Janjgir Champa deploys 30 ventilators and 160 oxygen concentrators in a week

Janjgir-Champa: Progressive increase in health facilities in the district, increase of three and a half times the number of normal and comfortable beds in the last six months

Janjgir-Champa 06 May 2021 Health facilities are continuously increasing in Janjgir-Champa district. All possible facilities are being provided by the district administration for the quality and quality treatment of Kovid-19, infected patients. For better treatment of corona infected patients, order has been issued to supply 30 ventilators from DMF item. Once they are supplied in a week, the patients will start getting its benefits. Similarly, order for purchase of 160 oxygen concentrator from DMF item has also been issued simultaneously. Out of these, 40 concentrators have been supplied. Out of 40, 35 constructors have been installed at Divyang Kovid Care Center and 5 at Police Line Kovid Care Center. The patients admitted here are getting its benefits.
     The health facilities of the district are steadily increasing.
Where in December 2018, the number of normal bed 296, 02 bed-07, HDU, ICU ventilator was 0. In December 2020, the number of normal beds - 296, 02 beds - 107, HDU - 18, IC U - 09 and the number of ventilators - 02. As on 05 May 2021, the number of normal beds has increased from -296 to 1253. The number of 02 beds has increased from 107 to 224, HDU 18, ICU-10, the number of ventilators from 2 to -10. Kovid 19, To ensure better treatment of patients, order has been issued by the district administration to supply 02 beds - 160, ICU 30 and 30 ventilators from DMF item. Thus, every effort is being made by the district administration for better treatment of Kovid patients of the district.

Increase in the number of beds by six and a half times in 6 months -
    In view of the increasing number of Kovid patients in the district, the Janjgir district administration is ensuring adequate arrangement of beds at Kovid Hospital, Care Centers for the treatment of infected patients. In just 6 months from December 2020 to May 5, 2021, the number of normal beds, 02 beds, HDUs, ICUs, ventilators etc. has increased almost three and a half times. The number of said beds was 303 in December 2018, which has increased five-fold to 1515 as on 5 May 2021. Due to this, better treatment of patients is possible.