Jashpur SAEMS Lottery on June 21, 2021 Full Schedule Here

Jashpurnagar: Lottery on June 21, 2021 for admission in Swami Atmanand Government School, Jashpur

Jashpurnagar 18 June 2021 The final stage of the admission process for the academic session 2021-22 will be completed on 21 June 2021 by drawing lottery. Giving information in this regard, the Principal of the institution, Vinod Gupta has said that 201 applications were received for 40 seats of class I, in which 85 applicants were found eligible and 116 applicants were found ineligible. 41 applications were received for 1 seat in class 4th in which 37 applicants were found eligible and 4 applicants were found ineligible. Out of 17 applicants for 1 seat in class 5th, 16 applicants were found eligible and one ineligible. 45 applications were received for 1 seat in class 6th, in which 39 applicants were found eligible and 6 applicants were found ineligible.

25 applications have been received for 1 seat in class 11th Biology and 22 for 2 seats in the Faculty of Mathematics and all of them have been found eligible. On the basis of the above received applications, the list of eligible and ineligible was issued by the school on 14th June. Parents have submitted claim objection on the basis of above eligible-ineligible list.

According to the instructions received from Directorate of Public Instruction CG, eligible applicants will be selected by drawing lottery in the presence of parents by the selection committee constituted under the chairmanship of District Education Officer under the prescribed procedure for admission to the above classes. In the presence of the parents, the process of withdrawing the lottery will be started in the school from 10.30 am on 21st June 2021.

The lottery draw schedule has been set as follows:
The lottery will be held for class I at 10.30 am, for class 4 at 12.30 am, for class V at 1.00 pm, for class 6th at 1.30 am and for class XI at 2.00 pm. The list of eligible applicants can be seen on the notice board of the school on working hours. All the parents are being informed about the lottery draw on the mobile numbers given by them in the application form through SMS. It is an appeal to the parents of all the eligible applicants that following the COVID-19 protocol, the masks, keeping in mind the social distancing, will make it mandatory to be present in the school premises 15 minutes before the scheduled time of taking out the lottery.