Jashpurnagar: Collector permission to show films in Cinema House, Theaters, Multiplexes, subject to standard guidelines and conditions: Full SOP

Jashpurnagar: Collector permission to show films in Cinema House, Theaters, Multiplexes, subject to standard guidelines and conditions: Full SOP

Jashpurnagar,  Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, Tuesday, 27 October 2020:

As per the standard operation issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India by Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre, conditional permission has been given for the screening of films from the 15th October through theaters, theaters, multiplexes in the district. Under which the said activities will be closed in the Containment Zone, Buffer Zone, persons over 65 years of age, people suffering from other diseases, pregnant women and children below 10 years of age are advised to stay at home.

Accordingly, the managers of cinema, theater, multiplex will advise the individuals. Social distance of at least 6 feet should be followed as far as possible. Face cover, mask must be used. The availability of hand sanitizer (preferably touch-free-mode) in the common areas within the campus along with the entry and exit points will have to be ensured.

Before entering cinema, theater, multiplex, it will be mandatory to wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer containing alcohol (for at least 20 seconds) for at least 40-60 seconds.

Respiratory etiquette should be strictly adhered to, tissue paper, handkerchief, elbow should be used while coughing or sneezing and tissue paper is disposed of properly.

Self-monitoring of health and reporting of any disease to the state and district helpline numbers as soon as possible, spitting will be strictly prohibited, all individuals are advised to use Arogya Setu App.

Entry and exit doors
It will be mandatory to arrange sanitizer dispenser and thermal screening at the entrance of cinema, theater, multiplex.
Permission should be given to only the unsuspecting persons to enter theaters, theaters, multiplexes. Hand sanitizer will have to be made available by all admissions and in work areas. For the entry and exit of the audience in the auditorium and campus, rounding, circle, markings should be selected or made to follow the social arrangement, or any other appropriate color.
Separate entry and exit gates are arranged for visitors. To ensure minimum social distance of 6 feet through persons standing in queues for entry, exit will be done following the social distance in a systematic manner to avoid crowds. Sufficient time intervals between continuous screenings on different screens in a screen as well as in a multiplex should be provided to ensure line-wise and audience exit. Sufficient time intervals may be provided to ensure line-wise and exit of viewers.

seating arrangements-
The occupancy of theaters, theaters, multiplexes should not exceed 50 percent of their total seating capacity.
Seating within theaters, theaters, multiplex auditoriums should be arranged in such a way that sufficient social distance is maintained.

Seats that are not used for seating will be marked during booking (for online booking and counter sales).

Instructions for maintaining physical distance
Ensure adherence to physical distance norms duly in the premises and parking lots outside the campus. The number of people in the lift should be restricted, so that social distance is ensured.

During the interval, efforts should be made to avoid overcrowding in the washroom in the lobby. Audiences should be encouraged to avoid visiting during the intermission. Long intervals can be used to allow the audience sitting in separate rows of auditoriums to move in a staggered manner. The duration of intermission should be kept longer, so that the audience sitting in different rows can move around in long intervals.

Show Timing in Multiplex
Different show times must be followed for multiple screens to avoid congestion. The show start time, timeout period and end time at any screen do not overlap with the start time, timeout period, or show time at any other screen in the same multiplex.

Booking and payment
Digital no-contact transactions for tickets, food, beverages using online booking, use of e-wallets, QR code scanners etc. should be the main method of payment. Contact number should be taken at the time of booking of tickets for contact booking facility. Purchase of tickets at theaters, theaters, multiplexes will be open throughout the day and advance booking will be allowed to avoid congestion at the sales counters. To prevent congestion during physical booking of tickets, a sufficient number of counters at theaters, theaters, multiplexes should be opened with adequate social distance norms. Floor markers should be used for social distance during queue management at theaters, theaters, multiplexes.

Sanitation of premises
Frequent sanitation of the entire premises, general facilities and all the points that come in human contact, for example, the cleanliness of the handle, railings, etc., should be ensured.

Cleanliness and sanitization should be done after every screening in theaters, theaters, multiplexes auditoriums. Ensure cleanliness and disinfection of box office, food and beverage sector, employee and staff locker, toilets, public sector, office area and cooking areas.

Adequate provisions should be made for the rational use of measures like gloves, shoes, masks, PPE etc. for the safety of sanitation workers. If a person is found to be corona positive then sanitization of the premises should be done.

Staff related measures-
It is mandatory for employees to wear face covers at all workplaces and adequate stock of such face covers should be provided. Officers of cinemas, theaters, multiplexes, staffers who are at greater risk such as elderly employees, pregnant workers and employees who are receiving regular medical care, to take extra precautions, contact any front line work requiring direct contact with the public. Should not come in

To ensure safety at the workplace, on the basis of best efforts, the employers should ensure that the health bridge is installed and updated on the mobile phone by all the employees. Communication and training of employees should be done on precautions related to Kovid-19 respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene etc. Self-monitoring of health by all officers, employees and report of any disease should be ensured at the earliest.

public awareness-
Do's and Don'ts will be displayed in an easily accessible location like online selling point, digital ticket, announcement for public sector like lobby, washroom, etc. through MIC. Specific announcements on social distance and hand hygiene when wearing masks, as well as precautions and measures to take place within and outside the premises, should be made before, during, and at the end of the skinning.
Provision should be made for display of posters, standers, audio-videos on preventive measures of Kovid-19.

Air Conditioning & Cooling
For air conditioning, ventilation, the following guidelines should be followed, which are among other things. The temperature setting of all air conditioning equipment should be in the range of 24–30 ° Celsius. The summed humidity should be in the range of 40–70 percent. Re-circulation of air should be avoided as much as possible. Fresh air intake should be as much as possible. Cross ventilation should be sufficient.
Uncontrolled behavior

Kovid-19 related uncontrolled behavior will be dealt with strictly by coordination between manager (local) and local authorities.

Food and Beverage Sector -
Separate shows should not be spaced together. Customers should be encouraged to use cinema apps, QR codes, etc. to order food as much as possible.
Wherever possible, more than one sales counter in the food and beverage sector is made available.

A line system should be followed to use floor stickers to maintain social distance at every sales counter.

Only the sale and use of packaged foot and beverages will be allowed.

Distribution of food and drink inside the hall, auditorium, will be prohibited.

The management will ensure social distance and crowding in the area of ​​food and beverages. Safe disposal of food and beverage waste will be ensured by the management.

The Collector has given instructions to the officers to ensure that all the instructions are followed. He said that if found in violation of the above orders and guidelines, action will be taken against the concerned under the Disaster Management Act and other relevant legal provisions as applicable.

Shri Kavne stated that permission to execute film exhibition activities through theaters, theaters, multiplexes will never be allowed in the Containment Zone.

Jashpurnagar: Under RBC 6-4 grant subsidy of 16 lakhs for 4 affected families approved
Jashpurnagar 27 October 2020

Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre has approved grant of financial assistance of Rs 16 lakh under RBC 6-4 for the families affected in 4 cases of loss of life in natural calamity. Under which Lalita Khalkho, father of Francis Parakhal Khalkho, resident of Parasura village of garden tehsil due to drowning in water, died on 24 August 2019, Rs. 4 lakh has been sanctioned for Mr. Francis Khalkho, husband of the deceased's immediate heir.

Similarly, Kudukela resident of village Kunkuri Tehsil was himself. 4 lakhs to Mr. Fagu Ram, husband of the deceased's immediate heir, deceased, resident of Khutgaon village of Kunkuri Tehsil, after Sanmati Bai's husband Fagu Ram died on 14 July 2020. On the death of Anmol Toppo, on July 7, 2020, the nearest heir of the deceased was Mr. Sushil Toppo, the father of the deceased and 4 lakhs from the village of Snakemdash, a resident of village Sandrimunda in Kunkuri Tehsil. On the death of Ramdular father Ratia on August 20, 2020, financial assistance grant amounting to Rs. 4 lakh has been sanctioned to Mrs. Balmati, wife of the deceased's immediate heir.

Jashpurnagar: Collector granted administrative approval of total 43.30 lakhs for development work under MNREGA in the district.
Jashpurnagar 27 October 2020

Collector Shri Mahadev Kavre has given administrative approval of 43 lakh 30 thousand for the recurring grazing area development work under the scheme of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee in various development blocks of the district to the forest board officer Jashpur. Under which two works each in the development block Kunkuri and Kansabel and one work in the development garden have been approved. Shri Kavre informed that 67 percent of the total sanctioned amount of 43.30 lakhs will be used as purchasing of wage component and remaining 33 percent of material component.