Joylyn Conway CROWNS Andrea King Miss World Guyana 2022

Miss world Guyana 2021 Joylyn Conway has just crowned her successor in NCN LIVE today on Sunday, August 21, 2022 at 7:00 PM in the National Cultural Centre Georgetown Guyana

Andrea King Miss World Guyana 2022 will represent her nation Guyana in the upcoming Miss World 2022 Competition. Miss King is a lover of fashion, photography and dance which led her to be featured in numerous photoshoots, runway activities and dance productions. She is an avid public speaker and possesses an excellent track record of volunteerism since she would have spent many of her summer holidays volunteering at a local literacy institute teaching reading and phonics to young children. She also possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration and is currently employed at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph company (GTT).

AS MWG’22 Semi-Finalist, Andrea King @ MISS WORLD GUYANA 2022 MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE #3 said "Confidence isn't a destination you just wake up one day and arrive at. Confidence is a journey, one that ebbs and flows. As long as you make the effort to learn about yourself and fall in love with who you are, you're on the right path for that journey."

At MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE #4 Andrea opined "I wish that everyone can experience the freedom that comes with allowing yourself to be truly expressive. If you really want to enjoy life, do all the fun things your younger self would have wanted to do! Stay curious about the world and always have room in your heart for adventure. 
I am human… this is the best part! 

MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE 2 #IAmWell she stressed “A healthy body is a chamber for the soul.”
Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, like many others, I started to really appreciate the value of being able to get outside, nurture my body and be intentional about my health. 
I choose to stay active not only for the benefit of physical fitness, but also for the psychological effects and improvements that I have noticed in my life. 
A good workout is the one sure thing that can give me energy when I have none. If I’m feeling sluggish, physically or mentally, exercising helps me to shed that feeling of heaviness and get my gears turning again. The mood shift and mental clarity that follows, is always worth the effort. 
Your body is your sacred temple. Take care of it inside and out.