Julia Samantha Edima Crowned Miss Cameroon 2022, Results Online Here

No word can be enough to express what I feel ...:
Audrey Monkam Miss Cameroon 2020 crowns her successor
The Grand Finale at Sports Palace gets official broadcast in Canal 2 International
Miss Cameroon Grande Finale has presence from Culture Ministry MINAC and Dignitaries from Governor side
2nd runner-up Miss East Melissa Masso, 2nd runner-up Miss Northwest Zita Tamasang and 1st runner-up Miss Adamaoua Yvonne Nguiviassi left the competition in controversy on rules

Fri, Jan 7, 2021, Cameroon: In The Grand Finals including the North and West Regions, Film actress, Advertising model, Voice over artist, Égérie, Mannequin and Ambassador, Miss Orangina 2015-2016, Miss South 2021, Miss SUD Julia Samantha Edima was crowned Miss Cameroon 2022 in competition with the total finalist candidates in The Yaoundé Multipurpose Sports Complex Indoor Sporting Arena. The artist Cysoul entertained in the National Final of Miss Cameroon the Sports Palace. 15th Miss CAMEROUN 2022 National Competition Tickets was on sale at the Sports Palace and the headquarters of COMICA only, Online Ticketing was available at at http:misscameroun.org/billets. The Pageant Sponsors are SOURCE DU PAYS S.A, FANIJO, SUNRISE, Blue by Camtel, Ketchano Evento, EasyGroup Experience, KATIOS CLUB VIP, eL BANCO NACIONAL DE G.E and Bange (www.bannge.com).

Now Time To Read The Vote of Thanks from 2022 Miss Cameroon Julia Samantha Edima, very touchy, very inspiring and the story of a tree with deep root, in verbatim:

No word can be enough to express what I feel ...
Every cell in my body vibrates with gratitude to you all, Thank you to the almighty God who watches over us and protects us, He who loves us all even when we do not deserve it, Thank you to Comica for allowing me to make this dream come true and write a new page in my story ...
Thank you to my mother for her love and her prayers, Thank you to Elisabeth Cynthia my second mother and my Roc in all circumstances, Thank you to Imperial Manager for his devotion and hard work, more than a manager you are my blood brother. Thank you to my Fan Club who went out of their way to achieve this feat. Thank you to You my doudounets for the light and the strength that you give me, Thank you to all my partners for the infallible support (you quote them)
Thank you to my fellow filmmakers for the support, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Thank you to all my fans from all countries, thank you for your encouragement and loyalty, Thank you to all Cameroonians for their special way of loving and supporting. Know that we defend all the colors of our dear nation that is Cameroon
Thank you to all the pages that have mobilized to promote me
Thank you to my sisters for these wonderful moments spent together during this exceptional adventure. You are all stars, this victory is also yours, I firmly believe that we are in an era of achievement and I promise to give all I have in me to honor you as you deserve.
This year the theme was "beauty at the service of health"
My project campaigns for the enhancement of mental health. Many people suffer psychologically trapped in their self-image ... there is beauty in each of us and we owe it to ourselves to preserve this treasure which is our mind.
Nothing is impossible for someone who knows his worth
Thank you infinitely for everything!!!





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