Justice T Rajani, Trivikram Srinivas and Culture Director Mamidi Hari Krishna in ResoFEST

College Festival ‘ResoFEST’ by Resonance, Hyderabad, re-energises students to take-on challenges ahead!

Resonance – Hyderabad, experts in JEE & other entrance examinations; hosted their College Festival, ‘ResoFEST’, today at Gachibowli Stadium

Chief Guests Justice Smt T Rajani, Member Judicial, National Company Law Tribunal; Sri Trivikram Srinivas, Film Director; Sri Mamidi Hari Krishna, Director, Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana and Purnachandra Rao N., Director, Resonance – Hyderabad; were present on the occasion. Over 3000 students from different campuses in the city, attended the event.

Hyderabad, November 21st, 2021: Students presented a colorful cultural extravaganza which raised the tempo to the hilt and built a High-octane Carnival mood. The performers availed the occasion to showcase their innate talent and regale the audience. The talent exhibited was a revelation for their fellow students and won immense admiration and unending ovation. The Bonhomie ResoFEST generated will lead to lasting bonding among student for their lifetime. Meritorious students were recognized and felicitated on the occasion. 

Justice Smt T Rajani, speaking on the occasion said, as a mother and a judge I have immense concern in the upbringing of the children and the growth of a person. As judge who worked in a criminal court, I used to come across several accused, who stood in front of me in the accused box and I could visualize only one thing that of the person as a child. Just imagine as a child he is as innocent and as pure as any child born in any family we come across in any house. The thing that used to bother me was, what transformed that innocent child into a criminal and brought before me. I don’t have big suggestions and answers to this, but would like to narrate one of my life experiences here if It can be of use to you in your life. Basically I am a non-believer, but to oblige someone went to a Swamiji, though with lot of reluctance. But that visit revealed to me one great principle of life. We were supposed to take a meditation class, that swami came into the class and said your class has started now and just walked out, we were wondering as to who will take the class in his absence and after a few minutes he returned and said your class is over. We all wondered what this nonsense was all about and I felt that my opinion about swami’s is coming true. Then he asked us what did each one of us thought about the class. Each of us had something to say, that’s when he posed questions to us. The questions were, Do you have a friend with whom you can share everything? Can you share with that friend details of all the people you love?  Can you share with that friend the people you hate? So it dawned on me that I don’t have a friend in the sense the Swamiji meant as I can’t reveal several of the details even to that friend. He basically wanted that purity of thought where such anomalous incidents don’t occur in your life and you will be able to share everything with your friend, that was a great lesson.

Justice Rajani furter add - The other lesson was having a non-judgemental attitude. Just imagine how many judgements you passed by the time you go to sleep, right from waking up we begin passing judgements. All the students here make judgements, first judgement against their mother who wakes them up early in the morning, saying all mothers are like this. But that judgement of your mother brought you to where you are today. Likewise we make several judgements before we go to sleep. I have one suggestion to all of you, the suggestion I took from the Swamiji, just before you go to sleep take 5 or 10 minutes and count all the judgements you made and the validity of those judgements. That will improve your thoughts to each and every decision you make in your life. This small suggestion I made to you will make a difference to your lives as it has made to me.

Speaking on the occasion Movie Director Trivikram Srinivas responding to questions from students said, I am a very odd person, I don’t party, don’t go out much, don’t remember most things, but remembered one thing, I narrated a story to Venkatesh for 3 hours and after listening to that he asked, why I didn’t meet you all these days, that was a moment which is memorable and in your language ‘got a kick.’

Trivikram Srinivas advised the students to have a goal of accomplishing success which makes them happy and not a success that doesn’t make you happy. Fear is nothing but unknowness, we feel out of fear that there is no exit for the problem, but exit always exists, but we can’t make out and when we explore, we find that exit. I have many people who inspired me, who shaped me and made me to take on the life without fear.

ResoFEST was organised to provide students some respite from the monotony of daily studies, besides enabling them to exhibit talent unknown to their friends. The festival was an opportunity for students to re-energise and get back to their studies with greater vigor as they prepare for the most crucial test of their lives, says Purnachandra Rao N., Director, Resonance – Hyderabad.

The entertainment went on till late evening with students from different campuses presenting shows. Some of the performances included:

Dance by C Sumasri Valli, A Sriya, Pravallika, Ashritha, Adithi Patel, from Chanakya & Mourya Campuses

  • Welcome Dance by Sahithi, Snigdha and Sharvani from West Marredpally Campus
  • Dance Performance by Ch Thilak and Rishi from JB; Sujan, Pavan, Suresh, Tejbhargav, Mohith, Rohith, Sriram, Abhinav, Rohith, Abhiram from Kukatpally Campus
  • Keerthana, Loukhya, Vedhasri, Bhavya, Varsha, Sneha, Charitha, Shourya.K, from Kukatpally Campus.
  • Duet by Mansi and Sai Shourya from Kukatpally Campus. Dance Performance by Madhapur Kakatiya Campus – Vedvyas & Team, Sai Sushanth & Team.
  • Dance Performance by Madhapur Mourya Campus - Chamundedeshwari; Lohitha, J Sruthi, Sneha, Amrutha & Poojitha.
  • Dance Performance by Madhapur Chanakya Campus - Sathwika Rathod, Sai Keerthana, Akshaya Reddy, Hansika Reddy
  • Dance Performance by Madhapur Satavahana Campus
  • Dance Performance by Dundigal Campus - Sagar Varma, Ram Jaswanth & Sahith Reddy; Dinesh Yadav, Manidheer, Dhanush & Revanth.
  • Singing Performance by Tanuj and Harshvardhan from West Marredpally Campus; Ruthwik & Jesuran from Jpb Krithi from MPB; Anagha and Mahendra Aravindh from JB.
  • Solo singing by K.Keerthana, Kukatpally Campus. Madhapur Chanakya Campus - G. Spandhana
  • Singing Performance by Madhapur Satavahana Campus.

Solo dance performances by Sloka from West Marredpally Campus; B Srikrishna Sreeja from Tarnaka Campus. Special performance by KodimalaSarayu Reddy and Classical Performance by Gayathri Sindhura Peri, from Tarnaka Campus.

About Resonance Hyderabad:

Resonance which is a Popular name in the country for IIT-JEE and NEET Coaching for last twenty years ventured into Hyderabad in recent years. After training thousands of IIT, NIT, and NEET aspirants across India, Resonance Kota brings its 20-year legacy and success streak to Hyderabad.

Resonance Hyderabad is an esteemed institution run by its director Purnachandrarao.N. Resonance takes pride in having the best of Kota faculty to train students, whilst providing a study material that can be classified as the best in the industry. Besides our well researched syllabus and teaching methodologies, we also provide a special student mentorship program to ensure that our students are not only excelling in academics, but are also ready for the dynamic life ahead

We are located in 6 locations and 9 campuses across Hyderabad in Madhapur, Tarnaka, West-maredpally, Dundigal, Medchal and Kukatpally with Day scholar program and hostel facilities for girls and boys. In last 20 years 46,000 + resonance Students qualified for IITs and 2,50,000 + Resonance students qualified for NITs. 17000+ resonance students qualified for medical seats in last 10 years. Resonance Hyderabad has a success rate of 75% in JEE main consecutively for last 3 academic years despite covid conditions.