Kala Jatha Dal delivering news of welfare schemes of Chhattisgarh Government

Raipur, 11 January 2021: Information about various welfare schemes and programs of the Government of Chhattisgarh is being reached in rural areas, especially in the villages of tribal dominated Bastar division, through folk songs, music, dance and plays by the Kala Jatha Dal. These teams are promoting public welfare and beneficial schemes at weekly hot markets and places of public importance. The information of the schemes is being made accessible to the common people through traditional folk songs-music and dance in the local dialects by trained art groups.

      There is a great eagerness among the people to see and hear the publicity of the schemes through the public breathtaking programs of Kala Jatha parties. Brochures and books published on the schemes and achievements of the state government are also being distributed free of cost by the Public Relations Department by art groups. For the publicity through Kala Jatha Dal, 15 places of seven districts of Bastar division have been selected. Public welfare schemes of the state government are being widely publicized through ten different art groups.