Karly Laliberte Is Counting Down The Days Until Christmas

Miss Rhode Island USA Karly Laliberte has special feel for The Festival of Greatest Arrival on Earth, is Counting Down The Days Until Christmas. Do you know she came home to the holiday spirit in full force?

Thurs, Dec 23, 2021, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA: Recently Karly shared "We may have had a quieter Thanksgiving in Tulsa, but I came home to the Holiday Spirit in full force. I enjoyed a festive in East Greenwich complete with a Parade, Caroling, Dance Performances, and the Official Tree Lighting!" from East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Karly lives in Fairfield, Connecticut and she is From Pawtucket, Rhode Island


How was Christmas @ Miss Rhode Island USA in 2019? As 2020 looked blank due to pandemic

Jonét Nichelle (Longest) Miss Rhode Island USA 2020 (in history) and N.E Patriots Cheerleader has lot of emotions on Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas❤️💚🎄 
This is my second holiday not being able to spend time with my mama all day as we usually do.. due to ya know.. being an adult lol and having to work. I was extremely upset about not being able to be with her... but walking into work this morning, I had a revelation.. my patients. They have no idea when they’re going home, where home may be, or even some have no contact with their family. I’m the closest thing they have to family... very upsetting but being able to be here with them on a day such as today leaves me feeling like pictured above... HAPPY!  I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, the gifts, time spent with family, friends, and loved ones.. wishing a blissful holiday ahead

Rocking around, the Christmas Tree 🎄 ❤️ Happy Game day!  

Christmas time is always my favorite time of year,  it reminds me how fortunate I am to have a family, shelter, and my health. It’s also a time to give back to those who are in need... last night I was able to attend the annual Thirsty Beaver toy drive, in which over 7500 toys were collected!!!!