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Krysthelle Barretto Miss World Panama 2021 crowned her successor Kathleen P. Coffre Miss World Panama 2022-23 aka Kathleen Pérez Coffre Miss Mundo Panama. Kathleen Pérez Coffre Miss Bocas del Toro emerged Winner Queen 22 Contestants.

Check Miss World Panama Pageant Results:

Winner: Bocas del Toro - Kathleen Pérez Coffre is CRWONED Miss World Panama 2022 / Miss Bocas del Toro, Insta @coffr3

1st Runner-Up: Penonomé - Diana Martínez aka Diana I. Martínez A., Insta @dianitaisabel14

2nd Runner-Up: Darién - Angie Paz aka Angie Alexandra Paz, Insta @theangiepaz

3rd Runner-Up: Colón - Chelsea Bailey, Insta @chelsearbe

4th Runner-Up: Taboga - Anyelid Chiffi Herazo, Insta @anyelid.herazo

Kathleen Pérez Coffre Miss Mundo 2022-23 / Miss World Panama 2022 has Studied at Colegio Parroquial San Jose de Almirante, Lives in Bocas del Toro, and native of Panama City, Panama


A post shared by Kathleen P. Coffre (@coffr3)


A post shared by Kathleen P. Coffre (@coffr3)


A post shared by Kathleen P. Coffre (@coffr3)


Contestant Statement by Kathleen Pérez Coffre Miss Bocas del Toro

Virtuous woman, who will find her?
Because her esteem far exceeds that of precious stones.”
-Proverbs 31:10

Today I open my eyes 👀 and wake up to the reality that culminates this beautiful stage of my life that has helped me grow so much in all areas of my life. The dream of being at Miss World Panama 🇵🇦 would not have been possible without the army of Angels 😇 who were by my side. That is why I want to recognize them today, tomorrow and always.

✝️ To my God for giving me his grace
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 To my family for inspiring me
🌎 To the OMWP for their trust
🏝 To my province BDT for your support
💅🏼 To my TeamBDT💚💛 for your guidance
🎤 To the media for their generosity
👏🏼 To the fans for always following me
👭To my 18 beauties for their friendship

The Kathleen Pérez Coffre of today is definitely a different woman thanks to this wonderful experience.

Contestant Statement by Chelsea Bailey Miss Mundo Colón 2022

Chelsea is A Proud Panameña, Vegan, Singer, Hair Lover and Black Latina, and works on Social Initiative The Unstoppable Foundation C3

The interview with the judges was today and I couldn't feel more proud of myself. I thank God for guiding me and my family and friends for supporting me.
Miss Mundo Panama opened my eyes to the potential I have and where I can go.
In this life, the key to realizing a dream is not based on the success achieved, but on the path lived, since our small steps are small victories, which along our path will have greater meaning.

Contestant Statement by Penonomé’s Diana Martínez aka Diana I. Martínez A.

Diana Martínez, the Panamanian Beauty Queen is English Degree holder, Sports lover and Makeup Artist @ DM Makeup. She owns the social initiative Shine With Your Purpose

Today was the interview with the jury, I am happy to know how far I have been able to get with the help of God, and with everything I have grown so far ♥️ Grateful to the organization @missmundopma for the opportunity to use this platform to open my heart to the world, and for people to meet a Diana Martinez who aspires and longs to inspire with her essence and identity, leaving a mark on others.
I feel lucky to meet beautiful women who are now part of my life.
Thanks to everyone who has been pending, little by little I will answer the messages. A big hug and blessings to all.
Makeup: @rqmakeupprofessional @salon_507 Costume: @christianmartinodesigns Accessories: @chasspanama • • • • #MissWorld #MissMundoPanama #MissMundoPenonome #brillacontupropósito #shinewithyourpurpose #BeautyWithAPurpose @missworld @missmundopma

Contestant Statement by Angie Alexandra Paz Miss Mundo Darién

Angie Paz aka Angie Alexandra Paz Miss Mundo Darién is Ambassador at Fundación BIDEH Nonprofit organization, Entrepreneur, Crypto-lover and Model

"Hard work always pays" Today was definitely full of emotions, since it was the interview with the jury for the @missmundopma 2022
I am happy to show my performance in the contest and my desire to be a spokesperson for our culture through good deeds as an ambassador for @fundacionbideh. It has been a long but very rewarding road, meeting girls from all over the country and connecting with them has been the most beautiful part of this whole adventure. I had the pleasure of meeting important people, where they gave us their knowledge so that we could maximize our potential, in this way, use this platform to highlight integral beauty and empathy.
Tomorrow is the grand finale and I am extremely grateful for everything, because I will be leaving the name of Darién high.
Do not miss it!

On Grand Finale Day:
I have definitely grown and learned during these 5 months of the contest, I must thank @missmundopma for giving me the opportunity to show who Angie Paz is in front of people and use this platform as a tool for change in our society.
I have met wonderful people along this path like our choreographer @aleusb98 and @bailalobyedgarpty who, with great enthusiasm and dedication, make us feel like dancers for a great Super Bowl. Always someone who makes us laugh and motivate us like @t3dvilla @carlosjlee15
and have an expert opinion by @rmichelle_26_ in advice and in everything that makes us maximize our potential
Thank you @benkula507 @selenagomezsta @paulette_23 @angiepaz_lovers @abdulhabid @baraksalon.brisas "My beautiful Oratory teacher" @modaytextilespanama @fundacionbideh @thedaisymosquera @patriciapa04 @coloristaprofesionalpty
I mention them because although many people are missing, they were fundamental in my performance in the contest.
Perhaps today a stage will end but many doors of opportunities will also open. I am a faithful believer that hard work pays off. And that every temporary sacrifice will have its permanent benefit.
See you tonight!
-Miss World Darien 2022, Angie Paz

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