Kawardha, Chhattisgarh, India: Forest Department team rescues two rare species of Barn Owl, Tyto Alba

Kawardha: Forest Department team rescues two rare species of Barn Owl

Kawardha, 06 December 2020

The team of Forest Department of Kabirdham district had left for the morning rescue. Two rare species of wild animal (barn) owls were found by the Forest Department team during the rescue in Room No. 328 of Lohara Tola Complex of Chilfi Zone. Rescuing the owls from dogs was rescued by Van Amla under the leadership of Dr. Rakesh Verma and Dr. Sonam Mishra. First aid and feeding arrangements for the barn owls have been managed by the Forest Department team.

Forest Officer, Mr. Dilraj Prabhakaran said that Barn Owls are rare species of birds, which have been placed in Schedule 3 of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. The average age of a barn owl is 4 years. He told that there are also instances in which barn owls have lived for 15 years. Barn owls live up to 20 years in captive breeding. In the natural state, 70 percent of the barn owls in the forests die prematurely due to adverse conditions in the first year of their birth. In rural areas in various parts of the state and country, there is a belief that barn owls are considered sacred, which leads to progress, prosperity and progress in the home and village.

Barn owls and various parts of their body are also used in Tantra mantra. Trainee Indian Forest Service officer Shri Ganesh UR, Area Assistant Chilfi former Mr. Deshmukh and local forest guard were instrumental in saving both birds of Barn Owl species resumed in Chilfi range of Bhoramdev sanctuary.