Ketwalee Ket Plobdee is CROWNED Miss Grand Phrae 2023

The Court of Winner Ket-Ketwalee Plobdee is 1st Runner-up Panwasa Kachunram (นาข้าว พรรวษา คะชุนรัมย์) and 2nd Runner-up Pritsamon Bunanek (เซฟตี้ ภฤศมณ บุญเอนก)

Tue, Feb 7, 2023: The Reigning Queen Suphatra Kliangprom Miss Tourism International 2022, The 4TH Runner-up Miss Grand Thailand 2022 and Miss Grand Phrae 2022 has just crowned her successor, The Winner against 10 Contestants, Ketwalee Plobdee as Miss Grand Phrae 2023 today at the of Grand Finale in the Alive Park Hall, Future Park & Zpell Shopping Center, Rangsit today on February 7th which commenced at 5:00 PM Local Time.

Ketwalee Ket (as per her social profile) aka Ketwalee Plobdee Miss Grand Phrae 2023 will represent her Phrae Province in the national stage of 10 TH Miss Grand Thailand 2023 at Show DC Hall Bangkok, on Sat, Apr 29, 2023, where at the end of Grand Finale, Engfa Waraha Miss Grand Thailand 2022 will crown the Winner in 77 Contestants as her successor new queen to represent the nation, Thailand at The 11Th Miss Grand International 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Wed Oct 25, 2023 where Brazil’s Isabella Menin Miss Grand 2022 will crown her successor.

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No Ticket FREE Entry Grand Finale of Miss Grand Phrae 2023 We Are Global Citizens เราเป็นพลเมืองโลก was held with 11 Contestants Vying for Miss Grand Phrae 2023 Crown at the Alive Park Hall, Future Park & Zpell Shopping Center, Rangsit, Address: 94 Phaholyothin Road, Prachathipat Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani 12130 Bangkok, Thailand 12130.

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Check The Total List of 11 Contestants Vying for Miss Grand Phrae 2023 Crown to get to national / international stage

  1. Nuntiya Panta
  2. Pritsamon Boonanek
  3. Panwasa Khachunram
  4. Pattaraporn Kraesphukit
  5. Kham Khai Norawong
  6. Khanittha Sae Yup
  7. Nattida Luesanan
  8. Ketvalee Pholbdee
  9. Natlada Kwansuk
  10. Kamonchanok Khantipantuwong
  11. Patcharee Prabpai

In Thai
MGPR01 เจนนี่ - นันทิยา ปันตา
MGPR02 เซฟตี้ - ภฤศมน บุญเอนก
MGPR03 นาข้าว - พรรวษา คะชุนรัมย์
MGPR04 ปีใหม่ - ภัทรภร กระแสร์ภูกิจ
MGPR05 แขไข - แขไข นอระวงค์
MGPR06 เหวย - ขนิษฐา แซ่ยับ
MGPR07 อิม - ณัฐธิดา ลือสนั่น
MGPR08 เกตุ - เกตุวลี พลบดี
MGPR09 สมายด์ - นาถลดา ขวัญสุข
MGPR10 ชมพู่ - กมลชนก ขันติพันธุวงษ์
MGPR11 แหม่ม - พัชรี ปราบภัย

The Contestant's Statement by Ketwalee Ket

"The dream of being a beauty queen since childhood It wasn't just Ket's dream alone. but with many girls who want to have the same experience But the dream will come true if we just do it" Miss Grand Phrae 2023, if you don't fight, live like a person without a crown..!!!