Know Any One Returned from Abroad? Call Toll Free 104, Help Corona Spread

Immediately give information about people returning from abroad, toll free number 104

Participate in corona infection control: CM Bhupesh Bhaghel

Information on corona virus helpline number 104 or 07712235091

Bulletin is being issued every evening by the Health Department regarding the condition of corona virus in the state. It can be viewed daily on the department's website

Apart from this, 24-hour information can be obtained on helpline number 104.

Information can be obtained by calling the helpline phone number 07712235091 of the state surveillance unit at office time.

Apart from this, updates can also be taken regarding Corona virus by emailing email id

Urgent Appeal From CM Bhupesh Baghel

Dear brothers and sisters
 You know that these days the Corona virus remains a matter of concern for the whole world. According to the latest WHO report, Corolla infection has reached 151 countries and WHO has declared it an epidemic.
 It is a matter of luck for us that not a single positive case has been found so far in Chhattisgarh. But the crisis is not averted due to infection reaching neighboring states. If we all try carefully together, compassion can prevent infection
I want to request you about an important measure, the health department and the district administration are keeping an eye on the citizens who are returning from traveling abroad to keep them and their families safe from infection for 14 days continuous monitoring. An arrangement has been made to keep it in place, but it has been learned that some people do not take it seriously and go to their place of residence without report. On the one hand, while on the other hand, they will have problems in getting prompt treatment when needed, on the other hand, their family and the people around them increases the possibility of infection, this is where your participation becomes important if your family is in the neighborhood or in the information. There are people who have returned from traveling abroad in the last 15 days, then immediately call the toll free number 104 and give information so that the transmission of cry Take necessary steps to stop it in the community
Be patient in every situation, the government has made a complete system of infection control and treatment, your cooperation will strengthen this system, by giving information about the possibility of infection or people from abroad, you will also help the government with yourself and your loved ones. Help us by giving it so that we can help you.

With best wishes,

your Bhupesh Baghel

Chief Minister Chhattisgarh

Be Aware Make Aware.

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