Korea: Chief Minister Baghel's tour program Korea district on 11 and 12 December

Korea: Chief Minister Baghel's visit program

Korea 09 December 2020

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel will be on a stay in Korea district on 11 and 12 December. On December 11, he will leave the helicopter from Police Ground Heliped at Raipur at 11 am and reach village Ghughra of Sonhat block at 12 noon and inaugurate Gauthan's observation and multutility center by 12.30 pm. Thereafter, from 12.40 pm to 1.10 pm, the new Panchayat Bhawan-cum-fair price shop will be included in the observation and inauguration program organized in the village Baswahi.
The Chief Minister will depart from the village bus station at 1.15 pm by car and reach the Agricultural College located at village Chervapara in the development block Baikunthpur at 1.30 pm and will inaugurate the construction works of various departments, lay the foundation stone program and attend the general meeting. After this, Mr. Baghel will observe the paddy procurement center in the village Chhindand at 2.45 pm and discuss with the farmers. The time from 3.20 to 4.30 pm will be reserved at the local Vishram Bhavan. The Chief Minister will inaugurate and observe the Fish Aquarium at Jhumka Boat Club Baikunthpur at 4.50 pm. After that, the time after 5.50 pm will be reserved in the local rest building.
On December 12, the Chief Minister will hold discussions with district officials at the local Vishram Bhavan from 11 am to 12 noon. After reaching Chirmiri at 12.35 pm, he will inaugurate the excellent English Medium School Naveen Bhavan. It will then leave for Balrampur district by helicopter at 1.10 pm.