Korea: Collector declared containment zone of 01 km periphery area from Corona patient house in Murgi Godhari, Katkona, Gram Panchayat, Khadgawan. Janpad Panchayat

Korea: Collector declared containment zone for a fixed periphery area of ​​01 km from the house of Corona positive patient in Murgi Godhari of Katkona gram panchayat of the district panchayat Kharagwan
CEO Zilla Panchayat Smt Tulika Prajapati appointed as Officer-in-Charge of Containment Zone

   Korea 24 May 2020 To prevent the spread of corona virus infection, Collector and District Magistrate Doman Singh has declared Murgi Godhari Containment Zone.

A fixed periphery area of 01 km from the patient's home has been declared as contention zone in the chicken hen of Katkona gram panchayat of the district panchayat Kharagwan.

The Containment Zone includes Karichhapar Basti in the east, the forest in the west, Pahadpara in the north and the forest in the south.

    Collector Shri Singh informed that all shops and commercial establishments in the Containment Zone have been ordered to remain completely closed till further orders. The people in charge will supply essential goods to the people through the home access service to their home. Traffic of all types of vehicles will be completely restricted. Exit from home will be prohibited for any reason except medical emergency.

      He said that patrolling is being done continuously in the area by the police and surveillance, contact tracing and sample investigation are being carried out by the Health Department. Along with this, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Baikunthpur, for barricating the area
To ensure supply and sanitization arrangement of essential commodities, CEO, District Panchayat and Chief medical and health officer Baikunthpur has been ordered to provide medicines, masks etc. as per SOP to the active surveillance, health team and management of bio-medical waste.

Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Mrs. Tulika Prajapati Mo. No. 9685587888 has been appointed Officer in charge of the declared Containment Zone.

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