Later Overview of Bilaspur Choice Centers Lok Seva Kendra with Operators Reactions

Disposal of applications being done through Public Service Centers aka Lok Seva Kendas aka Choice Center within the stipulated time period

Bilaspur, Raipur, 31 July 2021: For the convenience of the general public, arrangements have been made to receive online applications through Public Service Centers, which has brought great relief to the people. For getting the works of other government departments including caste, income, domicile certificate and other government departments, applications are received through public service centers and these applications are resolved within the stipulated time limit.

People no longer have to make rounds of government offices for their government work.

In Bilaspur district, the number of applications received online through the Public Service Centers and Choice Centers operated under the E-District project has exceeded eight lakh by the month of July 2021. Online pending applications under public service in the district are being reviewed every day by the district administration and the number of pending applications is continuously zero after the deadline.

Aftab Ahmed of E-District Project Bilaspur informed that in the month of February 2021, more than 25 thousand online applications were received, in which Bilaspur district has been leading in the state in resolving the applications within the prescribed time limit. Along with this, 5 new services like permanent firecracker license, temporary firecracker license, cinema license, petrol pump NOC etc. will be started in the state under the e-district project. Whose work is in progress. Soon citizens will also get this facility through online Public Service Choice Centers.

In Bilaspur district, a detailed review of the online applications to be sent back or canceled has been done and the Public Service Operators of the district have been informed in this regard so that online applications can be received and resolved in a quality manner through Public Service Centers. Training has been provided and necessary guidelines have also been disseminated.

It is noteworthy that through the e-district project in the district, people will get income, caste, residence, marriage, business license certificate, caste, marriage certificate, demarcation, conversion, division, urban bodies, all types of income from the nearest public service center. There are more than 80 different types of services including pension, forest department, agriculture department, measurement department, horticulture department, engineering - polytechnic college, ITI etc.

The applications received are rejected under the Public Service Guarantee Scheme, along with the facility of applying from home to the applicants has also been given through the e-district portal. Along with the urban area, far-flung villagers are also getting benefits, services are being made available to the citizens at reasonable rates in a timely manner.
Through Lok Seva Kendras, beneficiaries are getting the benefits of various services easily and on time. The time of the beneficiaries is being saved and services like land utilization certificate are also being received within the stipulated time period. This is to say of Public Service Operator Shri Nageshwar Prasad Joshi.

Similarly, Prapanna Mishra, Director of Public Service Center located in Gol Bazar says that through public service centers, the facilities of government-run services to the beneficiaries are being easily available to the common citizens at reasonable rates within the stipulated time period.

Director of Lok Seva Kendra Nehru Nagar Shri Akshay Bhargava said that Gumasta, business license etc. services are being given to the beneficiaries under the Municipal Corporation through Public Service Centers on priority in the prescribed time, it is beneficial for the beneficiaries.

Hakim Mohammad, Director of Public Service Center, Ratanpur, says that through public service centers, beneficiaries living in remote, rural areas are also getting benefits and along with public service centers, other essential online services are also available. is happening. In this way, the Public Service Center has become the need of the citizens.