Leah Kemelgor Fan Favorite and Kyla Carter Wins People’s Choice Award at Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022

1st Runner-up Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 Delaware County's Leah Kemelgor has won the Fan Favorite Award
TOP 16 Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 Holland's Kyla Carter announced Winner of People’s Choice Award

This year Fan Favorite and People's Choice 2022 was conducted with $5 per vote and commencing from May 4, and ended on Sat, May 21, 2022 at 6:00 AM

Leah Kemelgor 1st Runner-up Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 and Fan Favorite Award says about her future "When I grow up I want to become a psychologist and help teens in need", she also has her Social Service Plan ready " My goal is to help other teens not feel as alone while they’re struggling with their mental health. Anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. are all extreme mental illnesses many teens experience as they grow up."

Mental health Advocate Leah Kemelgor reached Portsmouth at Vern Riffe Center for the Arts to contest Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022 and placed 1st Runner-up to Kylan Darnell Miss Ohio Teen USA 2022.


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