Macie Tuell crowns Heather Renner Miss Nevada 2022

Reigning queen Macie Tuell Miss Nevada 2021 has just crowned her successor Miss Las Vegas, the winner in 17 Delegates, Heather Renner Miss Nevada 2022 today on Fri, July 1, 2022 at Bally's Lake Tahoe Casino Resort

Heather Renner Miss Nevada 2022 will represent her state at the upcoming Miss America 2023!!! Heather Renner is Actor, Actress, and Singer who is an optimist.


I leave Vegas to drive to Miss Nevada TOMORROW!!!!???
I’m over-the-moon excited (and nervous!), so here’s what I’m working on right now as last minute prep:
🎤Talent practice every day, and expanding my repertoire so I never get bored
🎭Social Impact Pitch practice every day so I can clearly communicate the dire need to get kids involved in the arts
👠Evening gown practice in my hallway. I just got a clean new pair of shoes and last night I made dinner in my heels and socks to break them in 😂
📣Interview practice every second my brain is awake. I often talk to myself, so interview prep is basically that with a little more direction and less babbling!

Miss Nevada check-in is 4 days away, and I’m making every moment count!

My friends, I have a favor for you all 🥺🥺🥺 If you would please help me raise scholarship money for Miss Nevada, you can do so by taking surveys! It’s totally free, but for each survey you donate your time to, Miss Nevada gets up to $2! And you can choose which stores you want to provide feedback for, like Sephora or Starbucks!! Each person can complete a total of 75 surveys!!