Madhukam Mahua and herbs sanitizer earns Rs 8 lakh in 8 month for SHG Women

Forest dweller women prepare special sanitizer ‘Madhukam’ using Mahua and herbs, earn Rs 8 lakh in 8 month

Raipur, 18 February 2021

A special sanitizer named ‘Madhukam’ is being prepared in the valley of Jashpur, using Mahua, Saunf, Dhaniya, Jeera and dozens of such herbs and spices. Forest dweller women have known the benefits of mahua for  generations and now they have started utilizing their knowledge for commercial innovation. Madhukam Sanitizer prepared by Women Self-Help Group is being widely appreciated. In eight months, this women group has earned more than Rs 8 lakh by selling this sanitizer.
Production of ‘Madhukam’ from mahua flowers during COVID crisis has brought about a great change in the lives of women members of Singi group. This women self-help group is working at Panchakki Van Dhan Vikas Kendra of Jashpur district. Chief Minister has also appreciated these activities of the Singi group. Under the guidance of Forest and Climatic Change Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, Forest Department has been consistently working to enhance collection and processing of forest produce to benefit the forest dwellers of the state. Women of Singi group under Van Dhan Vikas Kendra are expert in processing of mahua flowers. They have been producing sanitizer using mahua flowers, which has been found in accordance with the prescribed standards for prevention of pandemic. Till date, the group has produced 7000 liters of ‘Madhukam’. Forest Division Officer Jahspur Mr. Jadhav Shri Krishna informed that the production of sanitizers was started from May 22.
For production of sanitizer, Mahua flower is first cleaned and then soaked in water. Thereafter, 'desi gud', the bark powder of a wild tree, 'Dhupi' is added. Later, medicine named 'Ranu', made of Arva rice and other herbs, is added and mixed. The chemical activity of fermentation is completed for about seven days by adding coriander, cumin, lemongrass, peppermint, wild coriander etc. for aroma. After this, sanitizer is made through conventional method by placing it on the stove in clay and aluminum vessel. This sanitizer is safe and healthly, as no external chemicals have been used in its preparation.
In this process of sanitizer production from Mahua flower, 10 tribal women of the Singi self-help group are employed. These women are playing an important role in controlling the corona crisis. Controller Food and Drug Administration Chhattisgarh has also issued license for production of sanitizer. By the end of January month, Singi group of Van Dhan Vikas Kendra has produced 7000 liters of Madhukam sanitizer and 6019 liters has been sold to the local government institutions and Small Forest Produce Association Mart. So far, sanitizer worth Rs 31.19 lakh has been produced, out of which sanitizer worth Rs 26.82 lakh has been sold. The group has received a total of Rs 8.29 lakh including remuneration and dividend.