Mahasamund administration is doing innovation for prevention of Covid Pandemic

Mahasamund 08 May 2021 The district administration has asked the concerned officials of the district to get the villagers through Kotwar in the villages to break the chain of corona virus. He has said that infected persons living in home isolation should bathe at home. If the villagers go to bathe in the Nistari pond, take a bucket, Magga, fill the water in the pond and take a little distance from the bathing ghat and take a bath. Due to which, after the bath of any infected person, the water does not go into the pond and the water of the pond is not contaminated and there is no possibility of others getting infected.
Similarly, in the application for marriage permission, the name, address and Aadhaar numbers of the relatives of the bride and groom who are involved in the marriage should be taken and this details should be sent by the Tehsildar to the concerned Block Medical Officer. Therefore, two days before the marriage, the health department's team will check the persons who are involved in the marriage and will allow only those who come in the negative report to attend the marriage. Apart from this, send the list of persons with permission letter and negative report to the concerned station in-charge. The station in-charge will ensure that only the eligible person is involved in the marriage ceremony.