Maria Luisa Varela is CROWNED Miss Planet International 2022

The Successor of The Reigning Queen, South African Model and Actress Monique Best Miss Planet International 2019 has just been crowned, the winner against 13 Contestants, Miss Planet Philippines, Maria Luisa Varela as new Miss Planet International 2022 at the end of Grand Finale in Koh Pich Theater សាលមហោស្រពកោះពេជ្រ, Phnom Penh. The LIVE Stream Online is set as Facebook LIVE which started at 6:00 PM.

Watch LIVE Recording of Miss Planet International 2022 Grand Finale

Initially Herlene Budol was named as Miss Planet Philippines 2022 but later Maria Luisa replaced her as Miss Planet Philippines 2023. Check The Official Statement by Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet Philippines 2023, which is self explanatory of the situan:

Hello all you empressive people! It has come to my attention that there is some concern surrounding my upcoming participation in Miss Planet International 2023. I am humbled and flattered - honored by you all. I was approached to represent our nation and contribute in the rehabilitation of a particular international pageant organization - one that is trying to overcome its recent trials and restore its previously growing stature worldwide and not just in one country.

This planet of ours that we all share each other’s company in is a fragile beauty and wonder to behold that fortune smiles upon with promise and hope. However, our human imperfections may manifest itself as an ailment on our home - we can be the planet’s own worst enemy at times especially when the id and ego of it all is behind the wheel. Much like this pageant organization’s mission, I seek to better understand the planet’s “how’s”, “why’s” and “what can be done’s” to further achieve progress and maintain its greatness.

When submitting my own legal team’s drafted agreement, I was presented assurances by the organization that all papers and communication between the National and International Franchisee were kosher and satisfactory. Any concern regarding the rights of the Philippine franchise of Miss Planet International or interpetations of the Gregorian calendar will be addressed by National Director Michael “Miki” Antonio (a position she also held prevoiusly in 2019, wherein the Philippines brought home a crown) with the support of International Pageant Director/Owner Halimas Min. My greatest focus right now should be to resume my preparation so that I may bring honor to our country. I hope that my silence and tact regarding recent happenings will be respected - society can often be forgetful to humanize. I look forward to what the future may bring to our planet and its forthcoming solutions.

Thank you and God bless us all.


Empress - Maria Luisa Varela

On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 Maria announced her appointment:

It brings me immense joy to make my Official Announcement of representing the great nation of THE PHILIPPINES and our wonderful people.

Join me on this adventure in STAYING EMPRESSIVE.
Many thanks to my National Director, Miki Antonio

Gown: James Peter Couture
Hmua: Anthony Ramos Camargo

PERLAS: This fully-beaded sheer fitted gown with symmetrical beaded pattern by Rommel Mercado was inspired by coast of San Vicente, accentuated with Pearls and rhinestones that reflects the shine and wonderful scenery of the municipality.

PHOTOGRAPHER | @altist.studios
GOWN | @superrommel
MAKE UP | @angeloumaelalican
HAIR | John Cliff
NAILS | @Yuyu Perez
BACKDROP | Shuttermaster Makati
CREATIVE DIRECTOR | @heyitschaddy___
MANAGING DIRECTOR | @andreaisyourway

Miss Palawan Charities Inc. Information & Communication Section of San Vicente, Palawan