Meet Juliana Melo Miss Universo Acre 2021 in Miss Universe Brazil Journey: Timeline

Rio Branco Resident, Law Graduate Businesswoman Juliana Teixeira Rodrigues Melo aka Juliana Melo, Miss Universo Acre 2021 with Bachelor in Law Degree. the Miss Universe Acre is contest, produced and coordinated by Meyre Manaus Produções. Acre is Brazil State with Capital Rio Branco. Lawyer Juliana Melo is born in Cruzeiro do Sul was crowned Miss Acre in Gran Reserva, in Rio Branco on Thur, Oct 7, 2021 with hosts Marcelo Bimbi and Sophia Brunetta and Entertainment by singer and songwriter Stella Wane.

Businesswoman Juliana Melo owns The Loja Môzi, Shopping & Retail Venture @loja_mozi located at Av Ceará, 2121, Rio Branco-AC which opens 10am-6pm Mon/Fri and 10am-4pm Sat.
The Special Quote: The feeling of 2020 was GRATITUDE, the feeling of 2021 will be PERSEVERANCE
I call this transition PERSISTENCE. Yes, I needed a lot of persistence, self-control and countless other things that involve self-esteem and self-knowledge... yes, self-knowledge, some will say: What an exaggeration! What would hair have to do with self-knowledge? And I believe, EVERYTHING! Becoming the owner of one's own emotions, fears and insecurities, is consequently, being someone better every day (and if we are not here in this plan for that, then why would we be!? Lol). If self-knowledge is to make room for the new, it is to enjoy internal growth, which frees, fulfills and enables us to live unimaginable things. This is not the romanticization of a transition, even because whoever made/made it knows how boring it is, it is just a report, which in practice applies to everything in our lives.


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The Latest Pictures Showing Swimwear Round from MSC Preziosa: Juliana Melo, Miss Universo Acre 2021 in


Gift from the 4th day of confinement 👜👡 EXCLUSIVE pieces made for Miss Universe Brazil. Pouch and sandals besides beautiful, super comfortable


The commitments in Miss Universe Brazil don't stop and our miss once again, stunning for the preliminary interview in a nothing basic blue suit 💙✨ Look @loja_mozi


A super party of PIJAMA was produced for the misses. The fun was guaranteed and our Miss Universe Acre @melojulianam smashed the karaoke of @kantobr


DAY 2: Our SUBLIME MISS UNIVERSE ACRE Juliana Melo, together with the other candidates for Miss Universe Brazil received talks and a valuable exclusive consultancy full of knowledge. Look @loja_mozi


The RECEPTION of Miss Universo Brasil in São Paulo showing Miss Universe Acre Juliana Melo on Arrival Shining brightly with the Acre Flag Looks by @iorane By @franamorimoficial, Accessories by @goldskill By @sylgadelha and Hair and makeup @duo_mais By @saulo_abrahao