Meet Winner Sheynnis Palacios Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2021 Top 16 iMiss World Head To Head Challenge


Sheynnis Palacios Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2020 / 2021 is WINNER TOP 16 in The Head to Head Challenge Results.

After a busy couple of weeks interviewing each contestant in this years Head to Head the public got to voting for their favourite answers from each group! 

This year broke records on the Mobstar Voting platform with 1.4 billion views and 70 million votes, making it busier this year than the last few years put together. 

Official licensees of the MISS WORLD LTD. in Nicaragua to send a representative
Global Beauties of Nicaragua "BGN" is an organization dedicated to enhancing the beauty of Nicaraguan women internationally. Led by Denis Martín Dávila, our mission is to support national talent for export, at both male and female level. BGN owns the rights in Nicaragua for several international competitions including Miss World.

BIO Sheynnis Palacios Miss World Nicaragua 2021

Age: 21
Height: 178
Occupation: Brand Ambassador
Language: Spanish and English
Past Title: Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016 👑
Home Town: Managua, Nicaragua🇳🇮
Official Website:

After completing her Degree in Communications, Sheynnis is currently working as a Brand Ambassador and a TV Host. She has dreams to own her own International PR company. She also has an interest in creating Audio Visual Digital Content and would one day like to be an Audiovisual Producer. Since being crowned, Sheynnis has attended over 100 events raising funds and awareness for a number of charities and social projects. Personal Motto: ‘I could, I can and I can.’

Sheynnis Palacios Swimsuit Pictures & Video from Isla Mata La Gata Beach in Puerto Rico: Sheynnis is seen in Genie Swimwear, Resort Wear For Anywhere Beach Wear, Made in Nicaragua


Thurs, Dec 09, 2021 Managua, Nicaragua: GLOBAL BEAUTIES OF NICARAGUA: It is with great emotion that we share with the people of Nicaragua that after 20 years, our country once again classifies the semi-finalists in the 70th edition of Miss World, after winning in the second round of the Head to Head Challenge.

In this way, Nicaragua becomes one of the great favorites for the title of Miss World 2021. Our delegate, Sheynnis Palacios, also stood out in the Top Model challenge, where she was ranked among the 13 best of that competition, wearing costumes from the designers Cristian Alexander (from Puerto Rico) and the costume inspired by the national culture and pop culture of the Chinandegan Erick Bendaña.

We want to highlight the work, dedication and energy that our Miss World Nicaragua 2020, Sheynnis Palacios, has given in each of the challenges of the international competition, which has made her stand out among almost 100 participants.

We thank the thousands of Nicaraguans who, together with members of the Organization's Staff and pages of support for our national queen, have done the tireless work of being active in the votes available on the different digital platforms.

We also extend our gratitude to all the national and international designers, who have dressed our representative in each of her appearances within the competition.

Thank you Nicaragua!

Thank you Nicaragua! We managed to qualify for the second round of @missworld's Head to Head.
With your support on social networks we can achieve it, do not stop liking and commenting on "Nicaragua" on the Miss World social networks.
Let's go Nicaragua!




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