Valeria Villanueva is CROWNED Mexicana Universal Colima 2022

Actress & Singer Valeria Villanueva is crowned Mexicana Universal Colima 2022 today on Sun, Nov 27, 2022 which commenced as Facebook LIVE at 8:00PM in Poliforum Cultural Mexiac, Jardín de la Corregidora.

Check The LIVE Coronation at following Facebook LIVE URL: - 37:23 M - 18:57 M

Mexicana Universal 2023 Contestants List with Latest State Crownings and Upcoming Pageants

Reigning Queens Irma Miranda Mexicana Universal 2022, Itzia García Mexicana International 2023, Diana Robles Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2022, and Verónica Gamboa Mexicana Latinoamericana 2023 will crown their successors at the end of 5TH Mexicana Universal 2022 National Grand Finale as new queens Mexicana Universal 2023, Mexicana International 2024, Mexicana Hispanoamericana 2023, and Mexicana Latinoamericana 2024. At the moment State Preliminaries are taking place to elect their representatives for nationals.

The First Married with Child Contestant, Dania Sánchez Crowned Mexicana Universal Nuevo León 2022 LIVE

Dania Sánchez is crowned as the new Mexicana Universal Nuevo León 2022 tonight at the end of Grand Final Thu, Nov 10, 2022 commencing LIVE at 8:00 PM from Verite Room Esfera Monterrey Shopping Mall and will represent her state in the final of Mexicana Universal 2023.

Dania is The First Married with Child Contestant who competes in Mexicana Universal under the Miss Universe guidelines to give any woman a chance.