Migrant Laborers Quarantine with Gardening in Higher Secondary School Kotgaon in Gundardehi

    Raipur 03 June 2020 Migrant workers staying at the Quarantine Center for protection from Corona are doing gardening, sanitation work with social distancing. This makes the building complex green and clean with the use of their time.

Migrant workers staying in the quarantine center built in the Higher Secondary School building of village Kotgaon in Gundardehi development block in Balod district have regularly cleaned the school premises by cleaning and irrigating the plants.

Following the migrant labor social distancing, the school campus has been greened by cleaning the school, arranging gardening plants by irrigating them, decorating the pots, weeding the weeds.

The children of the village will get a healthy environment when they go to school. Children will be able to become environmentally aware.

When the migrant workers expressed their desire to plant trees in the school premises, they were provided with saplings by the Gram Panchayat. With the cleanliness of the Higher Secondary School premises by the migrant laborers, continuous watering of the plants is being done.

Drought rations have been provided to the migrant laborers by the Gram Panchayat. All migrant laborers prepare food themselves and follow the social distancing and take food.