Mina Sue Choi is CROWNED Miss Earth 2022

The First Korean Beauty Queen Emerges 22ND Miss Earth 2022 Crown & Sash Winner
The Korean Representing Beauty Queen is Also The First To Win @ TOP Four Pageants, namely Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth
Mina is Very Family Loving and Eco Warrior @ Core

The Successor of Destiny Wagner Miss Earth 2021, the winner against 85 Contestants Miss Earth Korea 2022, Mina Sue Choi Miss Earth 2022 is just crowned at the end of 22ND Miss Earth 2022 Competitions @ Hybrid Format Including Virtual And On-Ground In-Person Events in Okada Manila 5-Star Hostel Metro Manila (Kalakhang Maynila), Parañaque, Philippines on Tue, Nov 29, 2022 commencing from 7PM Manila / 6 AM EST LIVE at Youtube LIVE, Facebook LIVE and KUMU App LIVE for All World and Broadcast Options are Globovision (Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean). Further Special telecast on A2Z (Philippines) on Dec 4th and TFC (worldwide) on Dec 10th, 2022.

Mina Sue Choi Miss Earth 2022 has also won Miss Mexico Pampanga 2022, Swimsuit Competition Gold @ Asia & Oceania Category, Beach Wear Competition Gold Winner in Air Elemental Group, Best in Long Gown Gold Winner in Air Elemental Group, Best in Resort Wear Silver Winner in Air Elemental Group.

Mina Sue Choi, 24, Incheon Native is 1st Runner-Up Miss Korea 2021 who is Studying Communications Student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Lives in Seoul, Korea and From Sydney, Australia. Mina is Truly Maultinational Multicltural Girl. She is Sydney Born, and has lived in Vancouver, Illinois, China, and in South Korea.

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MINA SUE CHOI 최미나수 Official Miss Earth BIO

Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 34 in - 24 in - 38 in
Career/Education: Communications Student

"Dolphins help maintain the natural balance in the food chain. They are essential to the Marine Ecosystem as they level out the population of fish, and other producers and primary/secondary consumers of the food chain."

To most people in the world, the question “So, where are you from?” is straightforward. Depending on who is asking, they would name their home town, province, or country. For me, however, this conversational item requires a bit more thought because my itinerant upbringing has allowed me to put down roots in so many different places. Although I was born in Sydney, Australia and lived in the heart of the city until I was 7 years old, I do not have a discernible Aussie accent. From 7 to until I was 11 years old, there was a sudden shift in my life. I began to attend public Korean schools in Korea where I faced many challenges blending in with my peers as a semi-bilingual. After attending for 4 years or so, I began to adapt and was seen as any other Korean primary school student. Then, another great shift occurred in my life: my departure to Vancouver, Canada. From here on, my entire childhood consists of memories of me living in Canada, the United States, China, and back to Korea.This pattern of residing in unfamiliar places, adapting, then finding yet another new place has impacted me as a person today and mostly likely will impact the future versions of myself as a global women of this era.

A memory that places deeply in my heart is my memory of looking up at the stars at Han River in Seoul, Korea. I remember having a sudden moment of epiphany that when we look up at the night sky, and at the stars, we are looking at the same exact sky. Ever since this fleeting, obvious thought, I began to look up at the sky whenever I was in distinct parts of the world and reminded myself that there are many unspoken beauties that every country, every culture shares together, and that it is this Earth we share together.

One special fact about my family is that we live all around the world, yet stick together. I have very close relatives in the U.S (United States)., Canada, and in Australia. Despite our geographical distances, I still feel as though we are in close proximity. My family, we believe that it is important to recognize and celebrate family ties and roots, but to also be open to new ideals and experiences. Whenever we gather, there is always time to commemorate our traditions, the past, and to celebrate news which sometimes may be unfamiliar, yet intriguing.

The most unusual thing I have done was my trip to Bali. I went on the trip without letting my parents know. My layover time was short, and I missed my flight, so the wait was about 10 hours at the airport. It was my first time traveling alone to an unfamiliar place, but I recall feeling very adventurous, lost, yet curious. Despite the long flight hours and delays, it was worth the risk. Not to mention, Bali was absolutely beautiful.

In order to promote ecotourism, it is crucial that we continuously think about the objective of traveling to a new place. Personally, I love to challenge my comfort zone and attempt to live the experiences of the local life. Learning how different people live and thrive in cultures and spaces that I am not familiar with is probably the best part of traveling. Having that conscious understanding may just be the way to respect nature and the people of the local. Rich experiences do not require rich expenses, the experiences can be made by using our travel budgets more wisely: purchasing local goods, supporting local businesses, opting for public transportation, bikes, and more.

Korea has many wonderful things from history to current cultural wave, but I must say the one thing I am most proud of is the people of Korea. In the past and present day, Koreans have always been challengers and hard workers. We always challenge ourselves, sometimes critique ourselves, but to always better ourselves. I love that people of our country are proud to be Korean wherever we are. I am thrilled to live in the moments where everyone will recognize our people, our culture, and our country, Korea.

My advocacy is promoting reduction of carbon footprints in cities with sustainable mobility and encouraging lifestyles that will help reduce carbon emission in our daily lives.