Minister Sunder Sham Arora writes to all CMs, Punjab Offers PPE @HLL Rates

Captain Sarkar Industrial Excellence in Corona Lockdown 4.0 Era is showing signs of good recovery and helping gesture  

Punjab Minister Sunder Sham Arora Writes To Chief Ministers Of All States, Offers Them To Order PPEs From Punjab When Needed At Hll Rates

Chandigarh, 21 May 2020: Buoyed by the success of Punjab industries to manufacture PPEs - the most vital component in fight against Covid 19 - on a larger scale, the Industries Minister Sunder Sham Arora has written to all Chief Ministers requesting them to direct their health department order those from these units whenever needed at HLL rates.

As many as 56 manufacturing units including 54 based in Ludhiana in Punjab have been approved and certified by SITRA/DRDO to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE body suit) and coveralls. One each unit based in Kapurthala and Mohali have been also certified.

In his letter, Arora mentioned that it is essential to provide good quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in sufficient quantity to healthcare workers in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"In order to meet requirements of Government agencies at reasonable rated, they have agreed to supply PPE suits/coverall at HLL rates," the Minister informed them in his letter.

Minister Sunder Sham Arora has also written to Punjab Industry Lauding Them For Complementing State Fight Against Covid By Manufacturing PPE Kits

20 May 20: Punjab Industries and Commerce Minister Sunder Sham Arora has lauded state industries for their spirit of entrepreurship and cooperation in complementing Punjab's battle against Covid-19 by taking up the manufacturing of PPEs, a vital component in treatment of patients. 

In his letter to the Industry, Arora also congratulated them on getting their sample of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Body Coveralls successfully tested and approved from the competent bodies SITRA/DRDO. 

Samples of 59 industries of Punjab including 56 from Ludhiana,  one each from Kapurthala, Jalandhar and Mohali have been approved by the competent authority. 

''It is a matter of great pride for the State that you responded to the call of the Nation at this time of crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic,'' Arora wrote in his letter. 

Assuring them of all proactive Government assistance in all their ventures, the Minister urged them to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the manufacture of PPE Body Coveralls, and also to keep a reasonable price for the same so that it can become widely available and ensure proper protection against the virus.