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Result WINNER: Sofía Osío Luna Miss Colombia 2022 / Señorita Colombia 2022

Valentina María Mora Trujillo Virreina Nacional
Andrea Katherine Yáñez García Primera Princesa
Juanita Urrea Posada Segunda Princesa
Laura Juliana León Ramírez Tercera Princesa


Miss Atlantic, Señorita Atlántico Sofia Osio Luna
Miss Antioch, Señorita Antioquia Valentina María Mora Trujillo
Miss Valley, Señorita Valle Juanita Urrea Posada
Miss Tolima, Señorita Tolima Laura Juliana León Ramírez
Miss North of Santander, Señorita Norte de Santander Andrea Katherine Yáñez García

TOP 10

Miss Valley
Miss Cartagena
Miss Choco
Miss Atlantic
Miss Antioch
Miss Caesar
Miss Caribbean Region
Miss Risaralda
Miss Tolima
Miss North of Santander

TOP 10 Ramp Walk

Special Awards

WINNER Best friend Miss Region Andina (Mejor amiga Srta Region Andina)

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Grand Finale of Miss Colombia 2022 aka Señorita Colombia 2022 is set today on Sun, Nov 13, 2022 commencing from 7:00 PM

Final Gala Hosts are Humberto Rodríguez andCatalina Robayo

Broadcasters are Telecaribe, RCN Televisión, Cosmovisión, Telepacífico, Canal TRO, Teleislas and ¡Hola! TV

Señorita Colombia Concurso Nacional de Belleza de Colombia aka Miss Colombia National Beauty Contest of Colombia Organization has today announced "We are ready to welcome the most beautiful women around Colombia. From November 4 to 13, a new edition of the National Beauty Contest will be held in Cartagena.
Dressing room / Official Wardrobe: Virgilio Madinah @virgiliomadinah"

Reigning Queen Valentina Espinosa Guzmán Miss Colombia 2022 will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale on Sunday, November 13, 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia. Miss Supranational Colombia 2021 Valentina Espinosa Guzmán is winner of Top 12 Miss Supranational 2022, Miss Supranational Americas, Supra Model of the Americas and Top 42 Miss Supra Influencer.

Check 29 Contestants Vying for Miss Colombia 2022 aka Señorita Colombia 2022 Crown

  1. Señorita Bolívar María José Hernández Tobón
  2. Señorita Cartagena D. T. y C. María Camila Sinning Martínez
  3. Señorita Córdoba Julieth Daniela Guerrero Mafioli
  4. Señorita Huila Paula Andrea Alarcón Vargas
  5. Señorita Magdalena Marianella Lara Piña
  6. Señorita Nariño Susana Villota Melo
  7. Señorita Tolima Laura Juliana León Ramírez
  8. Señorita Valle Juanita Urrea Posada
  9. Señorita Casanare Karol Gisela Garzón Alfonso
  10. Señorita Guajira María Kanela Peláez Cerchiario
  11. Señorita Meta Luisa Fernanda Álvarez Martin
  12. Señorita Norte de Santander Andrea Katherine Yáñez García
  13. Señorita Santander Mónica Rocío Blanco Alarcón
  14. Señorita Atlántico Sofia Osio Luna
  15. Señorita Boyacá Laura Valentina Borda Salamanca
  16. Señorita Buenaventura Luisa Fernanda Lozano González
  17. Señorita Chocó Sonia Marcela Cuesta Morales
  18. Señorita San Andrés  Providencia y Santa Catalina Brithalie Susana De Ávila Bowie
  19. Señorita Región Caribe Brigith Navarro Lugo
  20. Señorita Antioquia Valentina María Mora Trujillo
  21. Señorita Cesar Luisa Alejandra Sanmiguel Quiroz
  22. Señorita Bogotá D. C.  Mariana Potes Morales
  23. Señorita Quindío Sara Victoria Castaño Ramos
  24. Señorita Región Andina Whytney Sarath Towanda Copete Moreno
  25. Señorita Región Pacífica Lina Marcela Ángulo Orobio
  26. Señorita Risaralda Vanesa Velásquez Valencia
  27. Señorita Cauca, Laura Triana
  28. Señorita Cundinamarca María Angélica García Alonso
  29. Señorita Sucre Fabiana Paola Caleño Arrieta

Successful day of interviews of the 29 candidates before the Jury

November 13, 2022: After meeting face to face with the qualifying jury, the 29 candidates went by groups to the press room, where the media asked them about how they felt about their performance in the activity.

The beauties agreed that more than an interview, it was a pleasant conversation where the invitation of the jury to be real and unique women flowed and was highlighted, with great security and leadership capacity, who can transmit those values, always very present in the National Beauty Contest®️.

“We leave with a different image of the contest. We arrived with fear, due to the demands of it and the public. But over time we realized that this, beyond everything, is a great family, and that the people of Cartagena, despite being a demanding public, have given us a lot of their warmth,” concluded Andrea Yáñez, Señorita Norte de Santander.

For the contestants, this is one of the most difficult tests, but the jury was very human and close, which made the nerves disappear and they were able to function better, in addition there were no questions in other languages.

They wore a wardrobe from @varto.label by @andreatov, with Primatela textiles, @bisucolombiabygoriamantilla accessories and @sanchezsierra_co footwear.

The National Beauty Contest® invites you to visit the website to be updated with the events and to follow the steps of the candidates. You can also share with the number #YoSoyColombia through:

This is the jury that will choose Miss Colombia®️ 2022-2023

Since November 4 of this year, the 29 candidates for the National Beauty Contest ®️ will compete for the title of Miss Colombia ®️ 2022-2023 in the 88th version of the contest. Whoever wins will be recognized as the sovereign of the beauty that represents our country.

With extensive experience, the four juries in charge are ready to thoroughly evaluate the performance of each participant and finally choose the bouquet of the most beautiful in our country.

Who are the jurors?


Born in Panama, he has a Bachelor of Science, specializing in Economics and Finance from Bentley College, School of Business in Boston, Massachusetts.

With experience as a Public Relations Officer for the Panama Canal Commission, Graphic Designer for T-Shirts Interamerica SA, Sub. Finance Manager of Compañía Panameña de Aviación (COPA), General Manager of Mercados Urbanos SA, Director and General Manager of Security Systems INC.

He currently serves as Director and General Manager of Grupo Vigilancia Especial, a group of physical security and electronic security companies, with more than 30 years of experience in the Panamanian market.


The social communicator from Barranquilla won the title of Miss Colombia®️ in 2011 and is a specialist in Organizational Development and Human Processes at the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla. She also has a master's degree in International Relations from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

Her charisma and preparation allowed her to stand out as a television presenter, gaining experience in renowned media such as RCN, W Radio, CM& and Caracol TV.

As a result of a complicated medical episode, he created a foundation dedicated to impacting the quality of life and happiness of people with reduced mobility, to transcend physical and mental limits, and thus enable new opportunities that facilitate comprehensive empowerment and social inclusion. .


Graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) as a Bachelor of Arts, he studied Law at the PUCP, as well as at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru, obtaining the title of Career Diplomat and Bachelor of International Relations.

He followed postgraduate studies in Public Policy at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences of Argentina and a Master's Degree in National Defense at the National Defense School of Argentina. He joined the Peruvian Diplomatic Service in 1985, and has held diplomatic posts in Spain, Switzerland, the Holy See, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and Panama.

As of 2020, before being sworn in as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, he served as general director for Economic Affairs, general director of International Relations of the Ministry of Defense; Director of Coordination of the Peruvian Chapter of the Binational Plan for the Development of the Peru-Ecuador Border Region; official of the Technical Office of Integration of the Vice-Ministry of International Economy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; among others.


Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Malaga, the city where he was born. He is also a Master in International Business Administration from the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid and International Leader Ship Program, with a Global Account Management course from the same institution.

As a professional, he served as Global Vice President McDonald's Account Manager and is currently a Partner at Gashil SA. He received the title of Royal Knight Order of Nobility of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.

Finally, the public will also have the opportunity to participate in this election, choosing their favorite through the platforms enabled by the CNB ®️ . Today, at 10 am, a press conference will be held, where the accredited media for the contest will be able to resolve their concerns and learn about what each jury is looking for in the election of the new Miss Colombia ®️ .

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