Now LIVE Watch FREE: Miss Eco International 2023 Grand Finale on March 3rd, Streamed from Triumph Luxury Hotel Cairo

Result WINNER: Nguyen Thanh Ha Miss Eco International 2023, Miss Vietnam

  1. Nnena Odum 1st Runner-up Miss Eco 2023, Miss Eco Nigeria

  2. Yuvna Gookool 2nd Runner-up Miss Eco 2023, Miss Eco Mauritius

  3. Ratana Sokhavatey 3rd Runner-up Miss Eco 2023, Miss Eco Cambodia 2023

  4. Genesis Guerrero 4th Runner-up Miss Eco 2023, Miss Eco Ecuador 2023, Génesis Guerrero Cabrera

Check Here The Grand Finale of LIVE Miss Eco International 2023 and Check Results Here

Miss Eco International 2023 Grand Finale on March 3rd, Vote Online, Contestants, All Free LIVE Streams & Results Here

Thu, Feb 2, 2023: The Reigning Queen, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Kathleen Paton Miss Eco International 2022 will crown her successor, New Queen Miss Eco International 2023 at the end of Grand Finale in Triumph Luxury Hotel Cairo on Fri, Mar 3, 2023 set to start at 7:30 PM GMT.

The organization has congratulated Recipients of special awards during the preliminary competition of Miss Eco International 2023. Miss USA, Sydney Salinas was named Best in Evening Gown. Venezuela's Johanna Aponte won the Miss Eco Elegance award while Mexico's Andrea Torres Pérez bagged the Miss Eco Top Model title

In image Miss Eco Int Chairman Miss Egypt, Special Adviser to IIMSAM Inter-Governmental Organization Dr. Amaal Rezk with Best evening gown winner Venezuela's Johanna Aponte Miss Eco Venezuela 2023.

Kathleen Paton said about her experience in competition phase "I am so looking forward to the coming weeks and getting to know all the people. It is amazing to go Egypt for the first time and get to know its beauty, culture and environment. During the competition we are staying in Hurghada - after that we’ll go to Cairo where the final will be arranged. The final of the competition will be held on March 3, and it will also be streamed online "

The WINNERS of Preliminary Competition Miss Eco International 2023:

  • Best in Evening Gown Award Winner Sydney Salinas Miss Eco International USA 2023
  • Miss Eco Elegance Award Johanna Aponte Miss Eco Venezuela 2023 
  • Miss Eco Top Model Award Winner Andrea Torres Pérez Miss Eco Mexico 2023

The Winners Of Miss Eco Talent Contest:

Winner: Sophi Su Miss Eco China @song_ww_
1st Runner-up Anastasia Panovaa Miss Eco Ukraine
2nd Runner-up Jessica Grace Miss Eco Indonesia@angelashnnon
3rd Runner-up Lucia Morales Miss Eco International Spain
4th Runner-up Dariana Martinez Miss Eco Panama

The Winners Of Miss Eco Resort Wear Prime:

WINNER: Yanina Spica, Belarus @yaninaspica
Paula Fernanda Assunção 1st runner up Brazil @paullassuncao
Shakira Graham 2nd runner up Costa Rica @shakigraham
Génesis Guerrero Cabrera 3rd runner up Ecuador @genesisguerreroc
Leilanie Joanne Rose-an 4th runner up Belgium @_leilaniebryssinck

Now LIVE Watch FREE The Preliminary Round of Miss Eco International 2023 Here Being Streamed from Cairo

Wed, March 1, 2023: Are you ready for the Eco Recycling Dress And Evening Gowns Show in Today Preliminary Round at Miss Eco International 2023 Pageant on Wed, March 1, 2023  at 8:00. PM GMT+2 Egypt Time at Triumph Luxury Hotel Cairo?

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First Prime - Resort Wear Live streaming at 3:00PM (Egyptian Time) on Miss Eco Facebook Page & Youtube LIVE from Official Venue Swiss Inn Resort Hurghada, the 5-star hotel located at Address: Safaga Rd, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate 111 El Fareek, Youssef Affifi Rd, Str, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt Phone: +20 65 3465036!

The Grand Finale of Miss Eco International 2023 Pageant is scheduled on Fri, Mar 3, 2023 at 7:30 PM GMT.

Book Online Your In-person Ticket & Reserve your seat at the grand finale & coronation ceremony now at Price 950,00 EGP to join on Friday, March 3rd, 2023 at 7:30 GMT. The Ticket Booking Url is

The Online People’s Choice Vote System for Miss Eco International 2023 is Based on Social Media which allows you to check The Best Tourism Video 2023 FREE Online Voting at Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The Votes are counted as below:

  • 5 Scores For Likes
  • 10 Scores Comments
  • 20 Scores For Subscribing The Video at Youtube URL
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Check 31 Miss Eco International 2023 Contestants

  1. Anastasiia Lahuta Miss Eco Ukraine 2023
  2. Andrea Torres Pérez Miss Eco Mexico 2023
  3. Angela Shannon Miss Eco Indonesia 2023
  4. Anniqa Jamal Iqbal Miss Eco Pakistan 2023
  5. Annisa Maghraoui Miss Eco Netherlands 2023
  6. Evelyn Andrade Miss Eco Paraguay 2023
  7. Evgenia Parmyonova Miss Eco Russia 2023
  8. Federica De Carlo Miss Eco Italy 2023
  9. Genesis Guerrero Miss Eco Ecuador 2023, Génesis Guerrero Cabrera
  10. Hayul Lee Miss Eco Korea 2023
  11. Jenique Botha Miss Eco South Africa 2023
  12. Johanna Aponte Miss Eco Venezuela 2023
  13. josefina caso Miss Eco Argentina 2023
  14. Kyoka Itabashi Miss Eco Japan 2023
  15. Leilanie Bryssinck Miss Eco Belgium 2023, Leilanie Joanne Rose-an
  16. Nagham Tarek Miss Eco Egypt 2023
  17. Naomie White Miss Eco Australia 2023
  18. Natasa Pilipovic Miss Eco Serbia 2023
  19. Nguyen Thanh Ha Miss Eco Vietnam 2023
  20. Oona Komi Miss Eco Finland 2023
  21. Paula Fernanda Assunção Miss Eco Brazil 2023
  22. Rakchya Upreti Miss Eco Nepal 2023
  23. Ratana Sokhavatey Miss Eco Cambodia 2023
  24. Ruth Ajdn Miss Eco Haiti 2023
  25. Shakira Graham Miss Eco Costa Rica 2023
  26. Soni Shekhawat Miss Eco India 2023
  27. Sydney Salinas Miss Eco USA 2023
  28. Tisya Ong Miss Eco Malaysia 2023
  29. Verra Charline Miss Eco Gabon 2023
  30. Yanina Spica Miss Eco Belarus 2023
  31. Yuvna Gookool Miss Eco Mauritius 2023

Official Event VENUE @ Cairo for Miss Eco International 2023 Pageant:

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Check The LIST of Contestants Vying for Miss Eco International 2022 Crown

  1. Abinamba Darc Miss Eco International Cameroon
  2. Alina Martynko Miss Eco International Russia
  3. Amal Makni Miss Eco International Tunisia
  4. Anastasia Panovaa Miss Eco International Ukraine
  5. Anela Dzanovic Miss Eco International Montenegro
  6. Anna Bykova Miss Eco International Siberia
  7. Anna moura Miss Eco International Brazil
  8. Anna Murda Miss Eco International Mauritius
  9. Areej Chaudhary Miss Eco International Pakistan
  10. Arpitha Rai Miss Eco International India
  11. Ascah June Miss Eco International Kenya
  12. Astrid Vacarico Miss Eco International Bolivia
  13. Bárbara Laura Miss Eco International Haiti, Bárbara Laura Noel
  14. Chloe Reweghs Miss Eco International Belgium
  15. Christina Carvalho Miss Eco International Portugal
  16. Daina Itagaki Miss Eco International Japan
  17. Dariana Martinez Miss Eco International Panama
  18. Diana Hamed Miss Eco International Egypt
  19. Eleanora Pashkouskaya Miss Eco International Belarus
  20. Farrah McGraw Miss Eco International Canada
  21. Federica Rizza Miss Eco International Italy
  22. Gercia soto Miss Eco International Mexico
  23. Jassy Peralta Miss Eco International USA
  24. Jessica Grace Miss Eco International Indonesia
  25. Kathleen Paton Miss Eco International Philippines
  26. Lucia Morales Miss Eco International Spain
  27. Matilda Wirtavuori Miss Eco International Finland
  28. May Mon Miss Eco International Myanmar
  29. Melissa Fiono Miss Eco International Netherlands
  30. Milessa Fionarea Miss Eco International United Kingdom
  31. Min Jung Kim Miss Eco International South Korea
  32. Mina Michaella Miss Eco International Ghana
  33. Nadya Marie Miss Eco International Peru
  34. Nara Bardales Miss Eco International Paraguay
  35. Natasa Pilipvic Miss Eco International Serbia
  36. Omanibe Joy Miss Eco International Nigeria
  37. Paula Meneses Miss Eco International Venezuela
  38. Prasana Shri Miss Eco International Malaysia
  39. Raina Babaramo Miss Eco International Albania
  40. Sabrina Pkin Miss Eco International Abkhazia
  41. Sophi Su Miss Eco International China
  42. Sophia Nhujel Miss Eco International Nepal
  43. Sue CBermúdez Miss Eco International Costa Rica
  44. Tran Hoai Miss Eco International Vietnam
  45. Youlanda Fessha Miss Eco International Ethiopia
  46. Zipho Sithebi Miss Eco International South Africa
  47. Zury Ruiz Miss Eco International Aruba

Wed, Dec 21, 2022: Today is The Beginning, The Official Announcement Revealed The Host Country and Schedule for The 9th Annual Of Miss Eco International 2023 Pageant.
The Year Miss Eco Pageant is 11-Day Event Starting on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 To Saturday, March 4th 2023 in Cairo and Hurghada.
Miss Eco International 2023 Grand Finale and Coronation Night is set On Friday, March 3rd, 2023.
The Egypt and Miss Eco International Official Welcomes All Queens From All Over The World.
The Reigning Queen is UN Goodwill Ambassador, Kathleen Paton Miss Eco International 2022 who will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

About The Owner: Prof. Amaal Rezk
Miss Eco Int Chairman - Miss Egypt President, Special Adviser to IIMSAM Inter-Governmental Organization
Dr. Amaal Rezk, the founder, CEO, owner, and chairman of the Miss Eco International pageant. And also Special advisor Envoy of the secretary general IIMSM an IGO observer of the United Nations ECOSOC New York. She acquired her PHD in International Business Management from the University of Liverpool back in 2011.