Miss Elegant 2023 Sponsored by Egypt Culture Ministry on Fri, Feb 17, 2022: Check Results

Result WINNER: Passant Ali Miss Elegant 2023 ( بسنت على MISS ELEGANT INTERNATIONAL 2023)

Marise Alfonse 1st Runner-Up Miss Egypt Elegant 2023

Who will be successor of Judy Rehim Miss Elegant International 2022?

The Season 8 of Egypt based Miss Elegant 2023 Coronation and Grand Finale is scheduled at Cairo Airport Opera Hall, Aero Sports Club on Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 6PM. All activities are conducted in Arabic Language led Mahmoud Nagah, President Miss Elegant Organization.

Tue, Feb 14, 2023: The Egyptian Pageant Miss Elegant 2023 is sponsored by Ministry Of Culture, Government of Egypt along with many more sponsors. The Pageant is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt and works to enhance tourism and culture. The official Makeup artists are chosen as Reham Elesh, Mayar Aaref and Nedaa Mohsen. Riham El Hawary (ريهام الهواري) who takes care of Pageant Personality Development at Miss Elegant 2023 is Coach, Image & Behavior Consultant 4 Dignitaries & Public Figures, Profiler, Business & Relationships Psych., Behavior Analyst, Corporates Master Trainer available at Beauty Queens' International Academy www.personainternational.com.

Founder & President Competition Miss Elegant & Mister Elegant international, Mr. Mahmoud Nagah is God Father of Egyptian Pageant System which is working very hard for years. He is owner of Miss Elegant Agency for Events and beauty pageants planning & Advertising. Mr. Naga is alumn of Cairo University Faculty of Law who lives in Cairo, Egypt and native of Giza. He is an inspiration for all world who also manages Egypt Government Sponsorship and Certifications for Miss Elegant International.

The Entertainer for Miss Elegant 2023 Final gala are:
Ahmad Hariri
Shaymaa Nagy, Singer
Youssef Abu Alsaud, Pianist
Mohamed Medhat Musician, Violinist, Composer

The Hosts who will present the Grand Finale Night of Miss Elegant 2023 are:
Nour El Swaf TV & Radio presenter at Ten TV and Mehwar TV
Mira Samy Radio Presenter at Nagham FM, Video Presenter on The Space Broadcasting & media production company

The Judges to Elect Miss Elegant 2023 Winner are:

Jury member Safaa Galal, Artist

The List of Miss Elegant 2023 Contestants

Tamara Mady تمارا ماضي Miss Teen Universe Africa 2022
Amira Sabry, Fashion Model, Miss elegant international contestant 2023
Jasmine Shouman Brand ambassador at Passion Flowers Egypt
Lekaa Muhammed
Haidy ehab | هايدي إيهاب
Sarah Mohamed, Fashion Model, Miss Egypt Elegant Top 15
Ranaa Ahmed Sakr
Ŝãrẵ Äbø Élhãššàn انا بطلة حياتي
Passant Ali بسنت على
Nour Sedikk
Dina Abdelkhalek Miss Egypt Elegant 2023 Contestant
Marise Alfonse Content Manager
Noureen EL Sayed

Check Miss Elegant 2022 Coronation Visuals Here

Yara Ashraf 1st Runner Miss Elegant 2022

Judy Rehim Miss Elegant International 2022

Habibaa Mohamed Elemaryy 2nd Runner Miss Elegant 2022

Sun, Sep 4, 2022 Cairo, Egypt: Nomination for for Miss Elegant 2023 Opens, The Rules are
1 - at least 165 cm long
2 - Weight appropriate with height according to international standards
3 _ Age from 17 to 28 years
4 _ She has a high qualification, a university student or in an international school
5 _ Good in English
6- It has a project that seeks to implement that benefits the promotion of Egypt
7- She has a project that seeks to implement to serve the homeland as charity
8 _ Good looking, tactful, good at talking and talented
9_ Active on all social media sites
10 _ not married
Rules of application to Miss Elegant 
1- Height not less than 165
2- Weight is appropriate with height according to international standards
3- Age from 17 to 28 years old 
4- Highly qualified or a university student or in an international school
5- Good looking , good at conversions and has a talent
6- Speaks English fluently
7-  Active on all social media 
8- Has a project she seeks to implement to serve the community, such as charitable works
9- Has a project she seeks to implement to beneficial to promote Egypt and tourism
10- Not married
Submission through Miss Elegant Social Media Page messages
President Of Miss Elegant Mahmoud Nagah

The Reigning Queen Judy Rehim Miss Elegant International 2022 was crowned by in Cairo on Friday, May 13, 2022 emerging winner in 11 Finalists, 35 Semi-finalists, 150 Contestants out of 850 Applicants. Heba Youssef Miss Tourist Elegant 2022 was crowned too in the same stage. The Election was judged by Jury Members Mahmoud Nagah, Marwa Nagy, Eman Afifi, Tamer Shalabi, and Amira Quzamel.

Miss Elegant 2021 Results:
Shada Hossam Miss Elegant 2021
Lourane Ayman 1st Runner Up Miss Elegant 2021.

Images: Miss Elegant 2023 Social Media