SMS Vote for Miss Suomi aka Miss Finland 2022 TOP 10 Contestants: Check Grand Finale Details

Result WINNER Petra Hämäläinen Miss Universe Finland 2022

Nana Partanen 1st Runner-up / First Princess
Adeleide Botty van den Bruele 2nd Runner-up / Second Princess

The Successors of Miss Finland 2021 Miss Suomi & Miss Universe Finland Essi Unkuri, 1st Princess Emmi Suuronen and 2nd Princess Sonja Länsivuori, Miss International Finland 2020 Anna Merimaa, Miss World Finland 2021 Emilia Lepomäki, and TOP 32 Miss World Sport & Miss World Finland 2021 Lauta Hautaniemi are set to crown at the end of Grand Finale on Sat, Sep 17, 2022 commencing from 9:00 PM LIVE on AlfaTV

Watch Miss Suomi aka Miss Finland 2021 LIVE Broadcast & Essi Unkuri Crowning on Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at URL

People's Choice Online Vote Platform is SMS Based Voting
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The Miss Finland finalists have been announced. Now they are going on a pageant tour, where they are filming the Matkalla Miss Suomeksi series, which starts on AlfaTV on August 15. from 21:00. The tour culminates in the final gala and live TV broadcast on September 17, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.
You, the viewers, are participating in choosing the winner of the Miss Finland 2022 competition. The numbers below are open from today until finals day. Remember to vote for your favorite and watch the broadcast on AlfaTV on September 17!

Check TOP 10 Contestants Vying for Miss Finland 2022 / Miss Suomi 2022 Crown with SMS Codes To Vote Online

  1. Adelaide Botty van den Bruele 070079351
  2. Sheila Da Costa 070079352
  3. Iida Hynnilä 070079353
  4. Oona Komi 070079354
  5. Nana Partanen 070079355
  6. Henniina Määttä 070079356
  7. Emilia Vuopala 070079357
  8. Melike Karakaya 070079358
  9. Sandra Fernandes 070079359 
  10. Petra Hämäläinen 070079360 

Check Pictures of TOP 10 Finalists


Check 20 Semi-finalists Contestants Vying for TOP 10 Miss Finland 2022 Crown

Announced LIVE at Instagram on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 2:00 PM

  1. Adelaide Botty van den Bruele
  2. Sheila Da Costa
  3. Sandra Fernandes
  4. Iida Hynnilä
  5. Petra Hämäläinen
  6. Ella Kangas
  7. Melike Karakaya
  8. Oona Komi
  9. Lea Lehtovaara
  10. Jenna Liiti
  11. Ella Lännistö
  12. Merimaaria Marttila
  13. Henniina Määttä
  14. Jenni Nenonen
  15. Nana Partanen
  16. Emmi Pekkanen
  17. Henrika Päkkilä
  18. Jenina Rautionaho
  19. Emilia Vuopala
  20. Karoliina Vettenniemi


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