Perada International is Miss Grand Singapore 2022 Organizer: MGI

The Miss Grand International announced "Miss Grand Singapore 2022 is organized under the leadership of the Perada International" on on Tue, Feb 1, 2022

Miss Grand Singapore 2022 is scheduled on Tue, Aug 9, 2022
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The past queens are Sabrina Ng, Miss Grand Singapore 2016 and Chang Ruey Jing Miss Grand Singapore 2018

Miss Grand Singapore 2022 Crown by Komang Tri Jewellery Revealed

Unveiling the new crown of Miss Grand Singapore 2022- The One and Only “Grand Mahkota”.

The Miss Grand Singapore and @KomangTri Jewelry collaborated to create a one of a kind new crown, specially crafted for Miss Grand Singapore 2022.

As Miss Grand International stands for “Stop the War and Violence”, we believe that peace can be accomplished through better understanding and cooperation between countries and its people.

The recently concluded Singapore International Jewelry Expo with Indonesia Embassy Singapore as a country partner showcases a successful cooperation in the jewelry industry that gave us the impetus for this collaboration. In addition, with Indonesia as the host country for Miss Grand International this year, we felt that this collaboration is timely and relevant.

The skilled craftmanship of Komang tri jewelry has created this masterpiece with a special theme. The crescent and five stars on the crown is adopted from the Flag of Singapore to signify a young nation on the ascendant and the nation’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

The red stone represents sisterhood, prosperity and power. Red was chosen because its the colour present in the flag of Singapore, Indonesia (the host country this year) and Thailand (the origin of the pageant).

The blooming botanical architecture of the crown among the precious stones reflected Singapore as a garden city and adopted from Gardens by the Bay. It illustrates the interconnectivity between countries, people and institutions and the importance of collaboration

The crowning of the new Miss Grand Singapore will be held on Tue, Aug 9, 2022 on Singapore’s National Day. The NDP theme this year “Stronger Together, Majulah!” is a call for all to forge ahead as a united and strong people towards a better future. “Stronger Together” reminds us that unity in our diversity is what makes us stronger. Similarly, the theme for G20 this year with Indonesia also as the host country is “Recovering Together, Recover Stronger” lays strong emphasis on unity of all nations, people and institutions for accelerating the post Covid-19 pandemic recovery.

This crown will be worn by the new Miss Grand Singapore 2022 during her reign and we hope for more collaboration in the future.

KomangTri graduated from JDMIS - Jewellery Design and Management International School, Singapore. His works have been featured by many celebrities, pageants and TV shows.

We look forward to the Miss Grand International pageant and the 10th year Anniversary celebration in Bali & Jakarta,Indonesia this October 2022 and Happy Racial Harmony Day


About Perada International: Perada comes from the Malay word which means to beautify using gold. We are a coalition of fashion designers, media, photographers, fabric creators, models, pageant lovers, etc in the Malay archipelago who are interested in ethnic and culture issues