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Tonight, I would have performed my version of “I have nothing"
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My world has been turned upside down in the matter of hours. I feel like I’m trapped in the most terrible nightmare, one I would never wish on anyone. Unfortunately, it’s my living reality.  I am beyond devastated and heartbroken.
As many of you may know, I have had to withdraw from the 100th Anniversary Miss America Competition due to contracting COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and testing negative for covid upon my arrival. I am now isolating, for the next 10+ days, alone with my thoughts, loving messages from family, friends and supporters…and a lot of time to reflect.
When I left for Mohegan Sun, an adventure that was years in the making, the phrase “Be still and know” continued to play over and over in my mind. Little did I know that I’d be leaning so heavily into those words. Throughout the heartbreak and devastation, one thing has remained steadfast and unshakable. My faith in God, His purpose and His plan for me. The Miss America Organization is a conduit for opportunities, growth and success. I don’t say this lightly, I would not be where I am today without the Miss America Organization, the $30,000 I’ve been awarded and the skills I’ve gained that have been molded into my character. I owe a lot to Miss America and will forever remain grateful for all it has given me. It has changed my life for the better, given me the opportunity to earn my Bachelor’s degree and follow my dreams. Which is exactly what I’m doing.
Truly, nothing changes between who I was and what I was bringing to the Miss America Competition and now. I will still seek justice and fight against Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation for the rest of my life. I will still follow a path in which art, film and service can be combined to make the most influential change and impact in our Nation. I will still empower and cheer on all of my Miss America  sisters and I will still be a member of the 100th class of Miss America. I may never step foot to compete on the Miss America stage, but the job I earned to represent Maine and be an ambassador and champion for the Miss America Organization will always be a part of me and one of the greatest honors of my life.
And above all else, I’ll still be me. Just a kid from Maine, following her big dreams, walking with God through the triumphs and hardships and lifting others along the way.
To my Mom, our hearts are aching together, but you are right- we will get through this. Something greater is in store. Thank you for the sacrifices and support you have given me relentlessly since I first started competing in 2013. I love you unconditionally.
Family and friends, you’ve pushed me, guided me, empowered me and stood by me for years. I am here because of you and for you. Thank you for all you’ve given me. I hope you’ll stay along for whatever adventure I’ll embark on next.
To the Miss Maine Organization and Sponsors. I’ve been blessed to have you surround me, prep me and guide me from day one. You believe in me, sometimes more than I believe in myself. But that’s what makes us a team. I love you all. We still have work to do.
To my 100th Class of Miss America Sisters. I wrote a letter to you all before I left, I hope you had a chance to read it/hear it. I meant every word. You have all inspired me in ways I can’t describe and showed me what the sisterhood is all about. It was an honor to spend the time I had with you. Each of you embody what Miss America is. I have no doubt you will all change the world. Soak up every minute. Laugh hard. And be in the present moment. Cheers to you all and to our new Miss America. I know you will lead us into a new era and make long lasting change.
If you’ve arrived with me this far, thank you. 
This is not the end. It is just a new beginning.
For now I will continue to be still and know.
And rest.
Miss Maine 2021
Mariah Larocque




The Brave & Genuine Confession: And just like that, the preliminary rounds of the Miss America competition are over for the 100th class!

Sisters, you did it. You literally done did it I can’t tell you how happy I am for all of you. You all looked absolutely magnificent, radiant… you all are GLOWING. You spoke with conviction about the passions of your heart and desire to make change in the world for your respective initiatives. Your TALENTS are MIND BLOWING. Like, seriously?! How are you all not like the biggest super stars of this world?! You are all MISS AMERICA. I hope you all feel an incredible amount of achievement and a sense of being on top of the world! You deserve it!
Congratulations to you all 🤍
To our STEM and Women in Business finalist and our preliminary winners @missamericany, @missamericaak, @missamericatx and @missamericail what a thing to celebrate! Congratulations ✨ 
Anyway, I love y’all.
Enjoy the festivities from now until Thursday. Get some rest when you can, stay safe, healthy and soak in the last night on Thursday.
P.s… Miss you.
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Now Starts "Real American Positive Woman Full of The Great Legacy!!!" Sharing with WORLD:
Tonight, I would have performed my version of “I have nothing”

By the Iconic and inspirational Whitney Houston at the Miss America Scholarship Competition. I have had the incredible honor to train with Bill and Linda Carroll- who coached Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and many more powerhouse artists. I’ve learned so much and have grown tremendously since training with them. Thank you both for your time and powerful knowledge of music, the voice and performance.
Here is a clip of my talent that I showcased at my send off party. I had put more work into it since then and was hoping to perform my best version on the Miss America stage tonight, but alas, life does not always go as planned.
I hope you enjoy ❤️
#MissMaine2021 #ThereSheIs #ThereSheDoesIt #Maine #MAO #MissAmericaClassOf2022 #EmpoweredWomen #MissAmericaServes #Strong #Elegant #Intelligent #PowerfulLeaders #PowerhouseFemales #ThriveNewEngland #ArtistsForChange #ASurvivorsPurpose #Educate #Strengthen #Prevent #EndChildSexualAbuse #EndHumanTrafficking #EndChildExploitation
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Watch n List Carefully: I’ve been thinking a lot, now that I’m pretty much just laying here trying to heal, and I didn’t want to miss out on what seems like an opportunity to continue to share my heart with you. 🤍🦋

There are a lot of new people here on my page! Hello hello! I’m so excited that you’ve joined me on this journey.

I have some footage from a candid interview where I was asked to answer a multitude of questions. Since I won’t have a stage to share the answers with you, I’m using the next best thing- ✨social media✨ to share what I would have if I was able to compete.

Here are some of my Goals and Aspirations 🎬🎞 Tell me some of yours!

#MissMaine2021 #ThereSheIs #ThereSheDoesIt #Maine #MAO #MissAmericaClassOf2022 #EmpoweredWomen #MissAmericaServes #Strong #Elegant #Intelligent #PowerfulLeaders #PowerhouseFemales #ThriveNewEngland #ArtistsForChange #ASurvivorsPurpose #Educate #Strengthen #Prevent #EndChildSexualAbuse #EndHumanTrafficking #EndChildExploitation
#Actress #Artist #Creator

Keep Coming I will post more as it comes.