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Result WINNER: Alejandra Díaz De León Miss México 2023 and Miss World México 2023, Miss San Luis Potosí

Sofía Zamora IRA Finalist, Miss Colima

Karla Rivas 2DA Finalista, Miss Sinaloa

Edsamar Hernández 3RA Finalista, Miss Yucatán

Mónica Carrillo 4TA Finalista, Miss Nayarit


  1. Karla Rivas Miss Sinaloa
  2. Sofía Zamora Miss Colima
  3. Alejandra Díaz De León Miss San Luis Potosí
  4. Mónica Carrillo Miss Nayarit
  5. Edsamar Hernández Miss Yucatán

TOP 10

  1. MISS MORELOS Grecia Miranda
  2. MISS SINALOA Karla Rivas
  3. MISS QUINTANA ROO Scarlett Leines
  4. MISS NAYARIT Mónica Carrillo
  5. MISS CHIAPAS Daniela Nucamendi
  6. Victoria Rodriguez Miss Ciudad de México
  7. MISS COLIMA Sofía Zamora
  8. MISS SAN LUIS POTOSÍ Alejandra Díaz de León
  9. MISS TABASCO Emmanuelle Guzmán
  10. Edsamar Hernández Miss Yucatán

TOP 16

  1. MISS TAMAULIPAS Michelle Kersaint
  2. MISS GUANAJUATO Janetzy Cuevas
  3. MISS CHIHUAHUA Celeste Espinoza
  4. MISS TLAXCALA Liliana Silva
  5. MISS GUERRERO Diana Karen Marín
  6. MISS MICHOACÁN Alondra Cortés

32 Miss México 2023 Contestants in Crown Race

Concurso nacional de belleza Miss México 2023 Final on Apr 15th in Morelia, Michoacán
Watch LIVE Here

The Judges Panel

  1. Vanessa Ponce de León #MissWorld 2018 @vanessaponcedeleon
  2. Jacqueline Aguilera @jacquelineaguilera 1995 #MissWorld
  3. Mariana Macias #topModelOfTheWorld @marianamaor
  4. Ana Laura Corral @analauracorral
  5. Dr Nabani Matus Lerma's "Honor" @drnabanimatus @drnabanimatuslerma
  6. Dr. Juan Manuel Chaparro’s new blog post: @clinicabloom @drjuanchaparro
  7. Gerardo Murray Acedo @holidayinnexpress.morelia @gerardo.murray
  8. Dr. Jouffroyd Maldonado @jouffroy @glossdentmx
  9. Ivan Maya @ivansmaya

Sat, Apr 15, 2023: Official Pageant Venue Teatro Mariano Matamoros is all set to welcome the new queen Miss Mexico 2023 who will emerge winner in 38 Contestants. Reigning Mexican Beauty Queen Karolina Vidales TOP 6 Miss World 2021 and Miss Mexico 2021 will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale in Teatro Mariano Matamoros Morelia, Michoacán on Sat, Apr 15, 2023 commencing at 7pm. The Concurso nacional de belleza Miss México 2023 venue is hosted by Turismo Morelia MX, Mexico Government organization.

Miss Sonora, Vanessa López is crowned Miss Supranational México 2023

1st Runner-Up Miss Supranational México 2023, Miss Nayarit, Primera Finalista
2nd Runner-Up Miss Supranational México 2023, Miss Chiapas, Segunda finalista
3rd Runner-up Miss Supranational México 2023, 4to. Miss Tamaulipas
4th Runner-up Miss Supranational México 2023, 5to. Miss Coahuila

Now LIVE Miss Supranational México 2023 Grand Finale, Check Here


Fri, Apr 14, 2023: Today Miss Mexico Supranational 2023 will be elected at Teatro Mariano Matamoros starting at 7pm. All world along with Mexico is waiting for Who will be crowned tonight Miss Mexico Supranational 2023?
The Pageant Venue Teatro Mariano Matamoros, a Performing arts theater, is Located in Andador Juárez City park at Address: Av Francisco I. Madero s/n, C. Abasolo 48, Centro histórico de Morelia, 58000 Morelia, Mich., Mexico.

Thu, Apr 13, 2023: Today TOP 12 TOP MODEL Challenge announced which hosted at the official pageant Teatro Mariano Matamoros. Check the list:

  1. Miss Baja California
  2. Miss Chiapas
  3. Miss Chihuahua
  4. Miss Coahuila
  5. Miss Estado de México
  6. Miss Guanajuato
  7. Miss Jalisco
  8. Miss Michoacán
  9. Miss Morelos
  10. Miss Puebla
  11. Miss San Luis Potosí
  12. Miss Veracruz

Maruati Mexicana presented the Top Model Challenge of Miss Mexico 2023 is scheduled today on Friday, April 14, 2023 at the Teatro Mariano Matamoros (Mariano Matamoros Theater) in Morelia, Michoacán. Miss Mexico Official National Beauty Pageant is electing Miss World Mexico 2023 and Miss Supranational Mexico 2023.

Miss Mexico 2023 Semifinal and Miss Supranational Mexico election pageant venue is the Mariano Matamoros Theater in Morelia, Michoacan presented by Agua Vida.

Fri, Apr 7, 2023: Today the list of Top 13 BWP Winners announced.

TOP 13 Beauty with Purpose Challenge List @ Miss Mexico 2023 Pageant

  1. Miss Baja Southern California
  2. Miss Chiapas
  3. Miss Chihuahua
  4. Miss Coahuila
  5. Miss Colima
  6. Miss Guanajuato
  7. Miss Warrior
  8. Miss Puebla
  9. Miss San Luis Potosí
  10. Miss Sonora
  11. Miss Tamaulipas
  12. Miss Veracruz
  13. Miss Yucatán

Miss World Karolina Bielawska on Mexico Tour

Fri, Feb 24, 2023: Karolina meets Karolina! Reigning Miss World Karolina Bielawska touched down in Monterrey Mexico at the start of a 5 day visit. Karolina was reunited with her very dear Miss World friend, Miss Mexico Karolina Vidales!

“It’s great to see Karolina again! Not only do we share the same name but we are both Business students!” said Karolina.(Miss World)
“And we both love to travel” added Karolina (Miss Mexico)
The Karolina’a took the opportunity to catch up while enjoying the afternoon sunshine in beautiful Santa Lucia Park which hosts the famous Santa Lucia International Festival every November. The Festival is a celebration of young performers, artists and international cultural activities with exhibits and performances not only taking place in the Park,  but throughout the surrounding streets.
The last word goes to Karolina 
“ Mexico is famous for the warmth and hospitality of its people and I can’t wait to get started! “Ola Mexico!”

Miss Mexico 2023 Tickets Sale Commences Today

Miss Mexico Supranational Pageant Grand Finale is set for this coming April 14th where new queen Miss Mexico Supranational 2023 will be crowned as the representative of Mexico in the 14th Edition of Miss Supranational 2023.

Total 32 Miss Mexico 2023 Contestants are vying for two crowns and the winner will be Miss Mexico Supranational 2023, the the successor to Regina González Salman Miss México Supranational 2022 in Morelia, Michoacán at the final events.

Mon, Feb 20, 2023: Miss Mexico 2023 General Public Tickets On Sale commenced today on Monday, February 20th, 2023.

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Check The LIST of 32 Miss México 2023 Contestants

  1. MISS AGUASCALIENTES María Gutiérrez
  2. MISS BAJA CALIFORNIA Valeria Guajardo
  3. MISS BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR Jennifer González Cota
  4. MISS CAMPECHE Donaji Z Martínez
  5. MISS CHIAPAS Daniela Nucamendi
  6. MISS CHIHUAHUA Celeste Espinoza
  7. MISS CIUDAD DE MÉXICO Miranda Huerta
  8. MISS COAHUILA Sofía de Anda
  9. MISS COLIMA Sofía Zamora
  10. MISS DURANGO Valeria Cuevas
  11. MISS ESTADO DE MÉXICO Frida Cancino
  12. MISS GUANAJUATO Janetzy Cuevas
  13. MISS GUERRERO Diana Karen Marín
  14. MISS HIDALGO Alejandra Suárez
  15. MISS JALISCO Valeria Martínez
  16. MISS MICHOACÁN Alondra Cortés
  17. MISS MORELOS Grecia Miranda
  18. MISS NAYARIT Mónica Carrillo
  19. MISS NUEVO LEÓN Valeria Guajardo
  20. MISS OAXACA Johana Ortega
  21. MISS PUEBLA Fernanda Cantú
  22. MISS QUERÉTARO Vanessa Rodelo
  23. MISS QUINTANA ROO Scarlett Leines
  24. MISS SAN LUIS POTOSÍ Alejandra Díaz de León
  25. MISS SINALOA Karla Rivas
  26. MISS SONORA Vanessa López
  27. MISS TABASCO Emmanuelle Guzmán
  28. MISS TAMAULIPAS Michelle Kersaint
  29. MISS TLAXCALA Liliana Silva
  30. MISS VERACRUZ Diana García
  31. MISS YUCATÁN Emmy Puerto
  32. MISS ZACATECAS Amanda Ocampo

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  25. @missjaliscoorg
  26. @missnayaritorg

Sun, Dec 4, 2022: As announced by Official Miss Mexico Organization today Morelia, Michoacan is the Venue of the grand finale of Miss Mexico 2023, the official national beauty contest of Miss Mexico World. The organization thanked the government agency responsible for local tourism development “We thank Turismo Morelia MX for the facilities granted to carry out the event. Proud hosts of Miss Mexico!”

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