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Result WINNER: Derby Chukwudi Miss New Jersey USA 2023

1st Runner-up Miss New Jersey USA 2023
2nd Runner-up Miss New Jersey USA 2023
3rd Runner-up Miss New Jersey USA 2023
4th Runner-up Miss New Jersey USA 2023

TOP 5 Miss New Jersey USA 2023

  1. Christine Pierre
  2. Rashmi Naik
  3. Katarina Lengyel
  4. Derby Chukwudi
  5. Vritti Patel

TOP 21 Miss New Jersey USA 2023

  1. Christina Conti
  2. Derby Chukwudi
  3. Teni Bello
  4. Alexandra Betancourt
  5. Michela DiGesu
  6. Tessa Dolce
  7. Emily Florian
  8. Jade Glab
  9. Savonna Hill Miss North Hoboken USA 2023
  10. Nyoki Jones
  11. Jabili Kandula
  12. Kristen Kowalski
  13. Katarina Lengyel
  14. Alyssa Miles
  15. Rashmi Naik
  16. Vritti Patel
  17. Christine Pierre
  18. Nikki Varalli
  19. Tashana Williams
  20. Phoebe Yankowski
  21. Lucy Brice

127 Contestants Vying for Miss New Jersey USA 2023 Crown on Sun, Mar 19th: Vote Online and Get Virtual Pageant Stream Anywhere

Sun, Mar 19, 2023: The Reigning Queen Alexandra Nicole Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022 will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale and Coronation of Miss New Jersey USA 2023 in Parsippany, Jew Jersey on Sun, Mar 19, 2023 set to start at 5:30 EST.

Singer Carolina Rial is performing today. She tells about her preparations "Sound check complete for today’s performance at @missnjusa @missnjteenusa thanks so much for having me! Looking forward to singing soon💜 Jersey proud!!!!"

Mayor Chris DiPiazza of Paramus Borough, NJ has sent "Best of Luck to Alyssa Bogosian who is competing in Miss New Jersey USA this weekend and representing Paramus."

  • Vote Online Your Favorite Contestant To Win The Crown at, Winner Gets in Semifinals
  • Stream Online Anywhere The Prelim & Final at URL, Click Starting at $40 for All Options
  • Hosts are Actor Andreia Gibau and Alexandra Nicole Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022
  • Sunday, March 19, 2023 5:00pm (EDT) Grand Finale and Coronation Miss New Jersey USA 2023
  • Saturday, March 18, 2023 5:00pm (EDT) Preliminary Contest Miss New Jersey USA 2023

Thu, Mar 16, 2023: Alexandra Lakhman today shares her unique way of expressing herself: I’m definitely in denial that I’m crowning my successor this weekend, but I am excited to expand our sisterhood

This has been the best year, PS thank you all for tuning into my live! Valentina Sanchez Trivella Universal Woman 2023 comments her love sign while Host Andreia Gibau reacts "So gorgeous sis! It’s gonna be a cherry on top of a weekend for your phenomenal reign!!!! Can’t wait!!"

Tue, Feb 28, 2023: Today The Official New Jersey Pageant Organization D&D Productions led by Deborah Miller and Cindy Provost has announced the Names & Online People’s Choice Vote Links for Total 207 Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023 and Miss New Jersey USA 2023 Contestants. There are 127 Miss Contestants and 80 Teen Contestant are in race to People’s Choice Award Online Voting to enter directly to Semifinalist Lists.

Carefully Note The DEADLINE for Both Miss & Teen Contestants is Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST. The votes are $1 per vote at 5 Vote Minimum but you are allowed unlimited votes to cast.

If can’t make to Pageant Venue or live outside of Parsippany, Jew Jersey then the organization made arrangements for Anywhere Online Streaming at the Viewstub at Price URL which has following option to grab Virtual Ticket  On-Demand Access:

Saturday, March 18, 2023 5:00pm (EDT) Miss NJ USA Preliminary 2023 at Price $40

Sunday, March 19, 2023 5:00pm (EDT) Miss NJ USA Final 2023 at Price $45

The Combined Tickets are available at reduced Price $75 for both events while LIFETIME Streaming Cast is $149.

Special Reserved Seating Golden Circle 2-day ticket is priced $160, while Prelim Tickets at $55 and Grand Finale Entry Fee is $65 per ticket

As state by the organizer, No online tickets sold, to attend in-person you need to grab your seating, only available at doors or during orientation.

Tickets are only available for purchase at the Pre- Pageant Orientation and again during Pageant Weekend.  Tickets reservations or sell by phone, email or mail is not available.

Tickets are sold on first come, first serve basis. Children 3 and under that will not occupy a seat do not require a ticket.

Check The LIST of 127 Contestants Vying for Miss New Jersey USA 2023 Crown

  1. Abriana Velez
  2. Adrianna Natale is Doctor of Chiropractic at Natale Chiropractic and Wellness who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic - Florida Campus and Rowan University
  3. Aishwarya Gandotra
  4. Alea Horrocks
  5. Aleeyah Marie Jean
  6. Alexandra Betancourt
  7. Alexis Kobylarz
  8. Alexis Ruiz
  9. Allison Kim
  10. Allyson Dalton
  11. Alyssa Bogosian
  12. Alyssa Miles
  13. Amanda Ward
  14. Amanee Pettway
  15. Amber Ingram
  16. Ami'yannah Davis
  17. Anastacia Feoktistova
  18. Angela Leto
  19. Anna Barnes
  20. Miss New Jersey East Coast USA, Anna Barnes is Real Estate Agent cum Salesperson who works at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. She is Brookdale Community College Alum.
  21. Antigone Bedeau
  22. Apoorva Gururaj
  23. Brihana Singh
  24. Bryahna Rivera
  25. Caitlin Detreville
  26. Cameron Leary
  27. Carlie Gibson
  28. Carolina Torres
  29. Casey Reiman
  30. Charlsie Morgan
  31. Cherrish Hudgins
  32. Christina Conti
  33. Christine Pierre
  34. Colline Ward
  35. Denisha Canady
  36. Derby Chukwudi
  37. Desiree Ellison
  38. Dhalia Tejada
  39. Dominique Diggs
  40. Eddia Watts
  41. Eddia Watts aka EDDIA JANE NJ Photographer is Internationally Published Beauty Photographer. She founder of The Effervescence Project "It’s more than a podcast and magazine…" She shares her emotions:
  42. Today is the day! Seven years in the making to get me to the experience level to have this amazing performance that I’m extremely proud of! I’m proud to call myself a transformational leader as a glamour photographer leading the charge for beauty photography for people who may not be able to afford the experience!
  43. Bringing my message of positivity and beauty to the interview room and the stage has brought immense joy to my soul that words cannot describe. I am so excited to see who will be crowned our next Miss New Jersey USA 2023
  44. Eleni Papadopoulos
  45. Ellen Jean Lee
  46. Emily Florian
  47. Erica Odoemene
  48. Faith Jobson
  49. Fatima Camara
  50. Fazeela Moonalall
  51. Francesca Averona
  52. Gabriela Zamora
  53. Hanna Eberle
  54. Hena Bajaj
  55. Jabili Kandula
  56. Jacqueline Pagano
  57. Jade Glab
  58. Jahnvi Joshi
  59. Jasmine Morel
  60. Jasmine Sample
  61. Jasmine Tejada
  62. Jelinda Montes
  63. Jenna Colicchio
  64. Jennifer Garcia
  65. Jessica Alicea
  66. Julia Andretta
  67. Kae Sales
  68. Kaitlyn Principe
  69. Kalliope Zervas
  70. Katana Murillo
  71. Katarina Lengyel
  72. Katherine Hewett
  73. Katrina Zangrillo
  74. Khushi Ambastha
  75. Kobi-Lee Sanchez
  76. Kristen Kowalski
  77. Kriti Saxena
  78. Krystal Mayers-Pagan
  79. Krysten Mayers-Mendoza
  80. I really love these guys, Mrs. & Mr. Mendoza, both make Real Queen n King in Real World when get married on 7.30.22, Future Dr. Krysten Mayers-Mendoza is amazing multi-facaded personality with multiple skills like Make-up Artist, Model and off course Medical Student who is MD Candidate ‘23 and on top of it she married a person, named Carlos Mendoza the Medical Student, who is also getting the same education. She is completing her medical degree at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey and she is Cornell University Alum. Check @krysmay_official for amazing shares of beautiful couple and she certainly deserves to be New State Queen on Road to Miss USA 2023->Miss Universe 2023 Journey!!!
  81. Leonila Pedro
  82. Lexy Porrini
  83. Liana Lamicella
  84. Loraina London-Calderon
  85. Lucy Brice
  86. Maria Agostinelli
  87. Maritza Puzino
  88. Marvianna Gray
  89. Mary Rossi
  90. Maya Eaddy
  91. Michela DiGesu
  92. Morgan Taylor
  93. Nadyeh Alaboura
  94. Naomie Charles
  95. Natasha Batista
  96. Natasha Smith
  97. Nel Lichter
  98. Nicole deRoux
  99. Nicole Pellegrino
  100. Nikki Varalli
  101. The Miss NJUSA 2023 Contestant Nikki Varalli is very excited to announce that this year "I will be competing for the title of Miss New Jersey USA!" She adds more recalling her experience of pas year as "In 2022, I pushed myself past my comfort zone and started modeling. By the end of the year I realized how much modeling has helped me grow, heal, build myself up, and share my voice." Nikki also adds Gratitude Note reflecting her future ambitions "I’m so thankful for everyone I have met, worked with, talked to, received support from, etc. I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store and I know competing for Miss NJ USA will only continue what I started last year"
  102. Nila Milan
  103. Nyoki Jones
  104. Paloma Talavera
  105. Phoebe Yankowski
  106. Raquel Lesser
  107. Rashmi Naik
  108. Rebecca Katz
  109. Revti Patel
  110. Ria Padalkar
  111. Riya Patel
  112. Rucha Dave
  113. Ruth Sazoff
  114. Sandy Botros
  115. Sarah Ali
  116. Sarah Yevchak
  117. Savonna Hill
  118. Shreya Joshi
  119. Silver Marbiah
  120. UTGERS: School of Criminal Justice (Masters) Silver Marbiah says:
  121. The decision to compete for Miss New Jersey USA 2023 was difficult. The fear of being disappointed and failing once again kept me on my toes for a while. However, I realized that dreams do not happen by chance. It is a combination of hard work, discipline, patience and timing. Therefore, I will be competing this March (March 17-19) for the once in a lifetime opportunity to give back to the state that allowed me to become the fearless and accomplished woman that I am today. As well as the first Liberian 🇱🇷 to represent the state of New Jersey. My ultimate goal this year is to be intentional, memorable and have FUN!!!
  122. Soudha Hafeez
  123. Stephanie Edouard
  124. Suea Teichman
  125. Tashana Williams
  126. Tatiana Gomez
  127. Taylor Fulton
  128. Teni Bello
  129. Tessa Dolce
  130. Tiajah Elliott
  131. Viktoria Maciaga
  132. Vritti Patel
  133. Zakeerah Cooper
  134. Zara Dar
  135. Zobia Alvi
  136. Sun, Feb 26, 2023: Today the orientation for Miss NJ USA & Miss NJ Teen USA 2023 Contestants is held at 1:00PM to 5:00PM. Alexandra Nicole Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022 is anxious to meet “the fabulous, beautiful, driven, intelligent young ladies” who are vying for state crown to become her successor.
  137. Apply Online for New Jersey State Preliminary to Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023, The 3-Day Pageant on March 17-19th

  138. Destination Parsippany Again This Year, Miss New Jersey USA 2023 & Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023 is Scheduled as 3-Day Pageant on Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 19, 2023
  139. Application Registrations Open for Life Changing Opportunity to become Successor of Hoboken’s Alexandra Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022 OR Isabella Galan Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022
  140. Logon Online Form, Read Completely, Keep Handy The Required Information and Get Going Filling Field carefully
  141. The WINNER will be New Jersey’s representative in the MISS TEEN USA Pageant or MISS USA Pageant who then goes on to compete in the MISS UNIVERSE Pageant
  142. Fri, Sep 30, 2022: 2023 Pageant Dates are announced as 3-Day Event on March 17-19, 2023 returning again at Hilton Parsippany Hotel, along with very crucial changes in The Whole Pageant System. In line with International and National announcement at Miss Universe & Miss USA Pageant, The State Preliminary Miss New Jersey USA Pageant updates the Application cum Online Registration URL saying “Effective with the 2023 Miss USA competition and state preliminary competitions, women who are or have been married, as well as women who are pregnant or have children, will be able to compete.” Check carefully and act accordingly. Its best to suggest newly eligible contestants around you in “COMPETE WITH A FRIEND!”
  143. Tue, May 3, 2022: The 9.2+ MN Population Garden State with Liberty and prosperity Motto always enriches women empowerment with the Most Popular New Jersey Pageant and The right time to think about Miss New Jersey USA 2023 & Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023 and apply is around the past crowning. The start of New Queens journey is also the beginning time for you. The Current Reigning Hoboken’s Alexandra Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022, The Winner against 119 Contestants, was crowned by Fair Lawn’s Celinda Ortega Miss New Jersey USA 2021 at the end of Miss Grand Finale Hilton Parsippany Hotel in Parsipanny on Sun, April 3, 2022 which started at 5:30pm.
  144. Similarly Wayne’s Isabella Galan Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022, The Winner against 92 Contestants was crowned by Delaney Musgrave Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2021 at the end of Teen Grand Finale inHilton Parsippany Hotel in Parsipanny on Sun, Apr 3, 2022 which started at 2:00pm. Due to large number of contestants Miss and Teen Pageants were held separately.
  145. New Jersey attracted highest number of Total 213 Contestants vying for 2 Crowns in 2 separate pageants, including 120 Miss New Jersey USA 2022 Contestants & 93 New Jersey Teen USA 2022 Contestants.
  146. Although the Official Online Registration Page at url is always available to enter and you can apply anytime. But preferably its best to apply around the announcement of 2023 dates.
  147. What happens after submitting your Application Form for Miss New Jersey USA 2023 OR Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023? You are expected a response after wait of around on week. If no response came, then send email at about your submission.
  148. Successful and duly received submissions gets response and be read for Telephonic Interview. As per Official Information by Miss NJUSA Organization “Once we have received your information and photo, you will be interviewed by telephone. Following this interview, the selection committee will consider your application and you will be notified by e-mail if chosen.” This way your journey sets on road to Miss USA 2023->Miss Universe 2023, OR Miss Teen USA 2023 via New Jersey USA Pageant.
  149. Image: Alexandra Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022 and Isabella Galan Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2022 Shared on Wed, Aug 24, 2022 Announcing "Tickets will be on sale to the public TOMORROW for MISS TEEN USA and MISS USA, DM me for more info on shows and dates, Missnjusa and I are READY!!!