41 Candidates Vying for Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2022 Crown

Results: WINNER: J-Belle Kimbrell Miss Southlake's Outstanding Teen, Miss Southlake's Outstanding Teen

1st Runner-up - Lone Star - Emily Walker
2nd Runner-up - Plano - Danielle Walls
3rd Runner-up - Dallas - Sheridan Garbe
4th Runner-up - Richardson - Delaney Koonce

Results: Preliminary 3

  • Rookie Talent: Odessa's Outstanding Teen, Faith Groves
    Scholarship award sponsored by Mark and April Graves in honor of Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen 2019, Allie Graves
  • Overall Talent: San Antonio's Outstanding Teen, Anna Lilie
    Scholarship award donated by the Miss Texas Scholarship Foundation
  • Onstage Question in Evening Gown: Dallas' Outstanding Teen, Sheridan Garbe
    Scholarship award sponsored by Terry Costa

Texas is Waiting for Third Crown Homecoming after Meghan Miller Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2006 and London Hibbs Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2019
Texarkana’s Allie Graves crowned Carrollton’s Katherine Omo-Osagie Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2021 at the Renaissance in Richardson, Texas on Sat, June 26, 2021

Katherine Omo-Osagie Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2021 represented Texas at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2022 at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando on Fri, July 30, 2021.
Katherine Omo-Osagie merged Winner 2nd Runner-up Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2022, Preliminary Evening Wear/OSQ Award and Top Interview Award

Event Details:

Venue: Eisemann Center Richardson, Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations located at Address: 2351 Performance Dr, Richardson, TX 75082

Schedule: June 21-23, 2022

Tickets: All Competitions Package www.eisemanncenter.com/subscriptions/package/i/465/d

Prelim 1 Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 7:00 PM

Prelim 2 Wed, Jun 22, 2022, 7:00 PM

Prelim 3 Thu, Jun 23, 2022, 7:00 PM Prices Price $50.00 / $75.00 / $100.00 / $125.00- URL www.eisemanncenter.com/event/i/8455/d/miss-texas-prelim-3

Teen Final Sat, Jun 25, 2022, 1:00 PM - Price $80, $100,, $110 and $135.00 - URL https://www.eisemanncenter.com/event/i/8457/d/miss-texas-teen-final

Miss Final Sat, Jun 25, 2022, 7:00 PM - Price $80, $100,, $110 and $135.00 URL www.eisemanncenter.com/event/i/8456/d/miss-texas-miss-final

Online Vote: OTeen Voting URL www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTUyNTc5
OR www.misstexas.org/2022-teen-candidates.html
$1 per vote! Top 2 winners Directly Enters Semi-Final Top 12!

Miss Voting URL www.misstexas.org/2022-miss-candidates1.html

Lone Star Princess People's Choice Vote URL www.misstexas.org/lone-star-princess--star-program.html

LIVE Streams:
Prelim 1: https://watch.pageantslive.com/programs/preliminary-1-miss-texas-texas-outstanding-teen-38011-3462fc

Prelim 2: 

Prelim 3: https://watch.pageantslive.com/programs/live-sg7hojugyai?categoryId=27536
Price: Single $20.00 / $75.00 / Monthly $32.99/month / Yearly $349.00/year

Teen Grand Finale: https://watch.pageantslive.com/programs/live-grlerof4ddq?categoryId=27536
Price: Single $25.00 / $75.00 / Monthly $32.99/month / Yearly $349.00/year

Miss Grand Finale: https://watch.pageantslive.com/programs/live-so4pdigczxu?categoryId=27536
Price: Single $25.00 / $75.00 / Monthly $32.99/month / Yearly $349.00/year

Crowning By: Katherine Omo-Osagie Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2021



41 Candidates Vying for Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2022 Crown

  1. Lizbeth Lara Miss Border City's Outstanding Teen
  2. LilliAnn Nunley Miss Burleson's Outstanding Teen
  3. Lily Morris Miss Carrollton's Outstanding Teen
  4. Hollan Palmore Miss Colleyville's Outstanding Teen
  5. Kaylee King Miss Coppell's Outstanding Teen
  6. Sheridan Garbe Miss Dallas' Outstanding Teen
  7. Lauren Bond Miss DFW's Outstanding Teen
  8. Vivian Sepulveda Miss El Paso's Outstanding Teen
  9. Abby Lee Miss Fort Bend's Outstanding Teen
  10. Mallory Lorant Miss Fort Worth's Outstanding Teen
  11. Kamille Brooks Miss Frisco's Outstanding Teen
  12. Lorraine Soto Miss Fulton's Outstanding Teen
  13. Kennedy Hardeman Miss Grapevine's Outstanding Teen
  14. Brooke Kapoor Miss Gulf Coast's Outstanding Teen
  15. Nyla Staes Miss Harris County's Outstanding Teen
  16. Caylei Robertson Miss Heart of Texas' Outstanding Teen
  17. Angelica Battad Miss Houston's Outstanding Teen
  18. Kalynn Webb Miss Joshua's Outstanding Teen
  19. Kayla Ridgle Miss Katy's Outstanding Teen
  20. Remidy Dixon Miss Keller's Outstanding Teen
  21. Carissa Rowland Miss Lewisville's Outstanding Teen
  22. Emily Walker Miss Lone Star's Outstanding Teen
  23. Baryn Brown Miss Lubbock's Outstanding Teen
  24. Breckyn Steele Miss Mount Pleasant's Outstanding Teen
  25. Alexxia Carter Miss North Texas' Outstanding Teen
  26. Kalyx Cantu Miss Northeast Texas' Outstanding Teen
  27. Faith Groves Miss Odessa's Outstanding Teen
  28. Landry Williams Miss Permian Basin's Outstanding Teen
  29. Zoe Zogleman Miss Prosper's Outstanding Teen
  30. Kenley Cordray Miss Piney Woods Outstanding Teen
  31. Delaney Koonce Miss Richardson's Outstanding Teen
  32. Danielle Walls Miss Plano's Outstanding Teen
  33. Anna Lilie Miss San Antonio's Outstanding Teen
  34. Lilly Dale Miss Southeast Texas' Outstanding Teen
  35. J-Belle Kimbrell Miss Southlake's Outstanding Teen
  36. Sydney Diaz Miss Sugar Land's Outstanding Teen
  37. Hannah Crook Miss Texarkana's  Outstanding Teen
  38. Lexi Dominguez Miss Wichita Fall's Outstanding Teen
  39. Claire Hodge Miss Twin River's Outstanding Teen
  40. Savannah Ludewig Miss Woodville's Outstanding Teen
  41. Meredith Charboneau Miss Westlake's Outstanding Teen