Miss Universe Israel 2022 Cancelled: Noa Cochva Miss Israel 2021 opines differently

  • NO Miss Israel 2022 This Year as Miss Universe Israel 2022 Cancelled: Miss Israel Cancelled as per The Reigning Queen and Past Beauty Holders, Israel is NOT Sending any Miss Universe Israel 2022 in New Orleans, USA for Miss Universe 2022 Competition
  • Israel held Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat in-spite of severe Covid-19 situation
  • Miss Universe Israel 2022 / Miss Israel Contest Cancellation is First Ever in The 70 Years History
  • Many have asked me what I think about the cancellation of the competition this year: Noa Cochva Miss Israel 2021
  • So I wanted to present a different point of view: Noa Cochva Miss Israel 2021

Read The Full Statement Shared by Noa Cochva Miss Israel 2021 on The Miss Israel /Miss Universe Israel 2022 Competition Cancelled

The Miss Universe competition will continue with us and without us, so let's make the most of it.
In the process of choosing the beauty queen, we are not given a score for the circumference of our buttocks or the size of our waist,
We want to see which of us will represent our country in front of an audience of tens of millions of people at Miss Universe.
And, may you also be beautiful.
It's really not something to apologize for.
Because the competition is watched by millions of people whose interests are beauty and fashion, so it should be related to these worlds.

Probably if the name of the competition had been MISS ISRAEL instead of "The Beauty Queen of Israel" it would have caused less controversy.

So there are a lot of things that need to be changed in the Miss Universe pageant.
From the combination of swimwear to the excessive makeup that obscures the natural beauty of each and every one.
But in the end the result is a lot of women with a lot of exposure whose opinion about Israel has changed, and for the better.

So I will tell you a little about the global competition.
There are 80 women in Miss Universe.
a representative from each country,
Most of them are very powerful women in their country who will later join the entertainment and culture business.
I got to talk to almost most of the delegation.
And what sentences have I heard the most?
"Everything I thought about Israel is wrong!"
"There is so much wrong information about Israel on the networks"

True, the standing joke about beauty queens is that they will bring world peace.
But precisely with us, it may be that there is a drop of truth in this humor as well.
I think that talking about: the security situation, military service, Holocaust denial, coexistence in Israel, our achievements, and without paying attention to doing a tiny information campaign - is a great start.

For 72 years, beauty queens did not bring world peace.
But they advanced us in a few tiny steps in changing the world's opinion towards us.

And regardless
As far as I'm concerned, the competition is not aimed at one beauty model, and that's precisely the beauty here.
I'm really not considered the "classic" beauty model.
I'm not 90,60,90,
And I'm not 1.80.
I do not claim to be the most beautiful girl in Israel.
And I don't think there is one like that at all.
Because it is not something that can be measured.
I'm just the most beautiful in my own way, just like all women.

Because in the end it's beautiful or not? It is already in the eyes of the beholder.
After all, we are all beautiful. We are all smart. And at all?

There is much more than one kingdom