24 Contestants Vying for Miss Polski, Miss Universe Poland 2022 & Miss Supranational Poland 2023 on Sun, July 17, 2022

Results WINNER: Aleksandra Klepaczek Miss Universe Poland 2022 & Miss Polski

Oliwia Nawrot won the title of Miss Poland Internet 2022 / Miss Polski Internetu 2022

Sylwia Stasińska 1st Runner-Up Miss Poland 2022, Social Media Manager, Law student & Model from Lublin, @sylwia.stasinska
Patrycja Krzywoń 2nd Polish Runner-Up 2022, 1st Vice Miss Małopolski 2022, Model & Law Student from Lower Poland @patrycjakrzywon
Natalia Konofalska 3rd Polish Runner-Up 2022, Ist Vice Miss Mazowsza 2022, IIIrd Vice Miss Warszawy 2019 and Ambassador of Alite Clicnic @alite_clinic ENLARGEMENT, LASER DEPILATION and AESTHETIC MEDICINE Cenet, from Masovia, Insta @nataliakonofalska
Aleksandra Gronowska 4 Runner-up Miss Poland 2022, Journalist, TV reporter at TVP3, Finance Analyst, Accountant, Model and in Architecture & Art, and Dogs Lover, a Restless soul from Łódź, @aleksandra.gronowska

Special Awards:

Miss Poland Internet 2022 Olivia Nawrot, Miss Polski North America 2021 from Polish Community in the U.S., @oliwianawrott
Miss Jubiler Schubert 2022 Weronika Kujawa, Miss Ziemi Żyrardowskiej 2021, Bursztynowa Miss Polski Publiczności 2019, Dancer, Law student from Masovia @weronikakujawa_
Miss Elegance 2022 Aleksandra Klepaczek, Violinist, III Wicemiss Ziemi Łódzkiej 2019, Lodz University of Technology Student from Bukowiec @ola_klepaczka
Miss Social Media 2022 Sylwia Stasińska @ sylwia.stasinska
Miss Widzów Polsatu 2032 Patrycja Krzywoń @patrycjakrzywon
Miss Foto 2022 Natalia Konofalska @nataliakonofalska
Najsympatyczniejsza Miss 2022 / The sweetest Miss 2022 Zuza aka Zuzanna Wirtek from Masovia @zuza_wirtek

The Reigning Queen Agata Wdowiak Miss Polski 2021, Miss Universe Poland 2021, and Miss Supranational Poland 2022 is all set to crown her successor, The WINNER in 24 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale Miss Polski, Miss Universe Poland 2022 & Miss Supranational Poland 2023 on Sun, July 17, 2022 at LIVE POLSAT TV Broadcast & Online Stream from Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland

The FESTIVAL BEAUTIFUL 2022 at Poland is all set to commence this Friday, July 15, 2022 to elect 33RD Miss Supranational 2022 and Mister Supranational 2022 Winners followed by Miss Poland 2022, Miss Universe Poland 2022 , and Miss Supranational Poland 2023 on Sun, July 17, 2022
As of Now The Most Beautiful Women and The Most Handsome Men have been discovering the charms of Małopolska for past days and are gearing for POLSAT TV Show!
Miss Polski 2022 Pageant, the national beauty pageant in Republic of Poland aka Rzeczpospolita Polska is authorized organization to elect the official representative at the Miss Universe 2022 Pageant, Miss International 2022 Pageant and Miss Supranational 2022 Pageant.
Poland or Polska, a nation with 38+ Million Population is still waiting for The First Miss Universe Crown to come home. Poland has 3 Miss Internationals namely till now:
Malgorzata Rozniecka Miss International 2001
Agnieszka Pachałko Miss International 1993
Agnieszka Kotlarska Miss International 1991

Poland has only one Miss Supranational till now:
Monika Lewczuk Miss Supranational 2011

SMS Based Vote Online People's Choice To Choose Miss Polski Internetu 2022 / Miss Polish Internet 2022, Details Here!
Take part in the SMS plebiscite and vote for your favorite!
The plebiscite lasts until July 17, 2022 (19:00)
The competition regulations can be found at: http://re9.pl/c3y (PDF File)
The prize for the laureate who at the end of the plebiscite will collect the most points from SMS voting is the title, a commemorative sash: POLISH INTERNET MISS 2022, and a place in the TOP 10 of the Miss Poland 2022 competition final!
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Event Details:

Venue: Strzelecki Park Amphitheater / Amfiteatr Parku Strzeleckiego Nowy Sącz Małopolska located at Address: Ogrodowa, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland

Date & Time: Sun, July 17, 2022 7:30 PM

Tickets: URL www.kupbilet.pl/inne/targi/re0151/opis
URL www.kupbilet.pl/other/targi/re0151

Online Vote: SMS Based Miss Polski Internetu 2022 / Miss Polish Internet 2022 Online Voting
Last date: Sun, July 17, 2022 till 19:00

TV Broadcast & LIVE Streams: POLSAT TV



Crowning By: Agata Wdowiak Miss Polski 2021, Miss Universe Poland 2021, and Miss Supranational Poland 2022


Check 24 Contestants Vying for Miss Polski 2022, Miss Universe Poland 2022 & Miss Supranational Poland 2023 Crowns

  1. Aleksandra Gronowska from Łódź
  2. Aleksandra Klepaczka from Łódź
  3. Gabriela Chojnowska from Lower Poland, Małopolska
  4. Patrycja Krzywoń from Lower Poland
  5. Aleksandra Wrześniewska from Lower Silesia
  6. Dominika Grabias from Lublin
  7. Sylwia Stasińska from Lublin
  8. Wiktoria Przybylska from Lublin
  9. Katarzyna Minoł from Masovia
  10. Magda Jasińska from Masovia
  11. Maja Perzyna from Masovia
  12. Natalia Czerw from Masovia
  13. Natalia Konofalska from Masovia
  14. Weronika Kujawa from Masovia
  15. Zuzanna Wirtek from Masovia
  16. Karolina Wiszyńska from Podlasie
  17. Magadalena Story from Podlasie
  18. Joanna Chokało from Polish Community in the U.K.
  19. Olivia Nawrot from Polish Community in the U.S.
  20. Kamila Wiśniewska from Silesia
  21. Justyna Jachnik from Silesia
  22. Sara Borowiecka from Upper Poland
  23. Natalia Czerwińska from Warmia-Masuria
  24. Julia Maź from West Pomerania