Miss World Barbados 2023 Grand Cocktail Reception & Coronation on Mar 11th at 7pm

Result WINNER: Ashley Carrington Miss World Barbados 2023

Join in-person and know who will be New Queen to represent Barbados at Miss World Pageant

TOP 6 Miss Barbados World 2023 Announced
Miss Barbados World 2023 Returns After 4 Years Gap

Fri, Mar 10, 2023: Barbados is all set to welcome the new queen on the tomorrow night. Here're the Box Offices where you can get your tickets to the 2023 Miss World Barbados Grand Cocktail Reception & Coronation!

The Box Offices List:
C.S. Pharmacy Broad Street
Nation – Fontabelle
Starcom Network, River Road
Nulook Roebuck Street
MPower, Skymall
Visual Oasis, Six Roads
Pawn Brokers, Black Rock
Jordan’s Supermarket, Speightstown

2023 Miss World Barbados Grand Cocktail Reception & Coronation
Event Time: Sat, Mar 11th, 2023, at 19:00 - 23:00 AST / 6-10PM ET
Venue: The Walled Garden Theatre, The Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Garrison, Barbados, located at Address: Dalkeith Road, Bridgetown, Barbados, Contact Phone: +1 246-538-0201
Tickets available from all TicketNation box offices, Miss World Barbados Delegates, the Caribbean Market Center, and
Online at www.ticketnation.bb
Ticket: Book Online URL https://ticketnation.nutickets.com/54978494 @ Price BBD100.00 + Fee $9.50, OR at TicketNation box offices, from Miss World Barbados Delegates, the Caribbean Market Center
Contestants: 6
Crowning By: Ché Amor Greenidge Miss World Barbados 2019

Reigning Queen Che' Amor Greenidge Miss World Barbados 2019 emerged winner as TOP 27 Miss World Talent and TOP 40 Miss World Top Model @ Miss World 2019.

Model and environmental activist Ché Greenidge is founder of The Deaf Heart Project Connecting the Deaf & Hearing World in Barbados.  Che' Amor Greenidge was crowned Miss World Barbados 2019 on Sat Aug 31, 2019. Che' is executive director of BECT, Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust Nonprofit organization Supporting Environmental initiatives in Barbados as part of the #conservationcollective

Sun, Jan 22, 2023: Today The Swimsuit Contest Pictures Revealed which is epitome of Barbadian Culture. The Official Swimwear Designer is Blac Flamingo Apparel by Designer Rhea Cummins-Jordan @rhea.melissa and beautiful shots are captured by Photographer Jaryd Niles Morris.

Mon, Jan 2, 2023: Today Miss World – Barbados Organization Announced The 6 Contestants Vying for Miss World –Barbados 2023 Crown saying “We are happy to introduce you to our top 6! Meet the girls”.

Miss Barbados World 2023 Contestants

Chloe Millar @chloemillar.c, She is passionate about children, to the extent that she wants to operate a nursery school of her own in the future. She is particularly moved by how a child’s socialization during the formative years can contribute to the type of individual that evolves into adulthood. Currently, Chloe teaches at a private elementary school guiding young minds through grades 1 and 2, a career choice that was inspired by her father who was a teacher. Among her favorite pastimes is travelling and she dreams of visiting Korea for the culture, the historic sites, and the food. Speaking of food, given the choice of only one type of food for a lifetime Chloe would eat plantains and she counts pistachio as her go-to ice-cream flavour. A “real vacation” would be to Paris in the near future, but Chloe would also step into the Time Tunnel for a day to get an eyewitness’s view of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. She would admonish her younger self not to allow others’ opinions to influence how she sees herself. Chloe loves elephants for their peaceful and playful nature seemingly so in contrast with their large size. “Do hair products count?” is her laughing rejoinder when asked about any collectibles.

Meet Cya Layne @cya_layne

Junia Harris @iamjuniaharris

Katiana Worrell @katiana.worrell

As a child Katiana learned to play the piano, which she now counts as a hidden talent, and her favorite childhood memory is going to the indoor waterpark in Canada with a younger sibling and their friends. These days fashion design allows her to express herself without words and she counts design amongst her favorite activities alongside drawing, making jewelry and indulging in watching anime. Katiana is passionate about life and keenly interested in making connections with others, exploring topics that illuminate the journey of individuals through the various stages of their growth. In fact, a perfect day is super low energy, spent alone or conversing with close friends. “I want people to remember how I made them feel...that there was someone who let them be their complete selves.” Katiana has always wanted to visit Venice, captivated by the idea of a city on water with the bonus of traditional style architecture as a backdrop. It is somewhat of a far cry from her one experience of cliff diving which she did after succumbing to loads of peer pressure: “It was probably the most terrifying and exciting thing I ever did’’

Rhenea Gaskin @r.h.e_n.e.a

Ashley Carrington @ashley.d.carrington

Ashley is an avid fan of motor sports which probably explains why the Fast & Furious movies (all of them!) are the ones she has seen the most times. She also enjoys volleyball, the stimulation of family and friends and going for long drives around Barbados. A student at the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill where she is currently pursuing studies in Management with Human Resources, Ashley also is employed as a secretary in the medical field. With her deep love of dogs, it is no surprise that Ashley volunteers regularly at a veterinary clinic, nor that she has one of her own, Bear, with whom she enjoys countless hours of relaxing, play time. Ashley dreams of one day travelling to Dubai to experience the lifestyle and culture, see the skyscrapers, relax on the beaches and shop, of course! Lasagna is the one thing she would eat for the rest of her life and if she could only watch one movie it would be The Notebook, because “I’m a hopeless romantic.” Her advice for her younger self: “Do what makes you happy and do not let anyone live their life through you. Love yourself first always.”