More than three-fourth of the country's minor forest produce is collected in Chhattisgarh

Presently, 52 minor forest produces are being purchased on support price in the state

Forest produce worth Rs 33 crore collected in last 6 months

Raipur, 26 March 2021

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel and under the guidance of Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, minor forest produce collection is going on in Chhattisgarh untinterrupted. According to the data released by 'Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED)', Chhattisgarh currently reserves more than three-fourth of the total minor forest produce in the country i.e. 75.38 percent. Till March 23 of the financial year 2020-21, minor forest produce worth Rs 181 crore 25 lakh has been purchased in the country at the minimum support price. This includes the purchase of minor forest produce worth Rs 136 crore 63 lakh in Chhattisgarh.
From last October to present i.e. in a period of about 6 months, one lakh 20 thousand 665 quintals of minor forest crops worth Rs. 32 crore 63 lakh have been collected in the state. This includes, 39 thousand 84 quintals of Bahera worth Rs 6 crore 64 lakhs, 29 thousand 921 quintals of tamarind (including seeds) worth Rs 10 crore 77 lakhs and 22 thousand 836 quintals of Harra worth Rs 3 crore 43 lakhs. Similarly, 10 thousand 376 Giloys worth Rs 4 crore 15 lakhs, 7 thousand 392 quintals of Kalmegh worth Rs 2 crore 59 lakhs and 345 quintals of honey worth Rs 78 lakhs have been collected.    

During this period, mahul leaf (mehul patta), nagarmotha, bhelwa, baheda kacharia, dhavai phool (dry), harra kacharia, puwad (charota), belguda, satavar (dry), safflower seed,  broom, rangini lac, forest basil, flower tamarind, berries seed (Dry), forest cumin, tamarind seed, gooseberry seedless, kusumi lac, kullu gond, mahua seed, karanja seed and bibding have been collected. Also Patal Kumhara (Bedari Tuber), Tikhur, Savai Grass, Koriya chhal, Chhind Grass, Amla (Raw), Broom (Kata jhaadu), Kutaj Chhal, Adusa Leaf, Indrajou Seed, White Musli, Palash Phul, Black Musli, Koriya Seed, Bachandi , Bel (raw), Behan Lac-Kusmi and Behan Lac-Rangini have also been collected. Out of this, one thousand 187 quintal Patal Kumhara worth Rs 1 crore 78 lakh has been collected.
Managing Director of  State Minor Forest Produce Association Mr. Sanjay Shukla informed that at present, 52 minor forest produce are being procured in the state at the minimum support price. These 52 minor forest crops include sal seed, harra, tamarind seeds, chironji kernels, mahua seeds, kusumi lac, rangini lac, kal megh, bahera, nagarmotha, kullu gum, puwad, belguda, honey and broom, mahua flower (dry ). Apart from this, Jamun seed (dry), Kaunch seed, Dhawai flower (dry), Karanja seed, Bibding and Amla (including seed) and flower tamarind (seedless), Giloy and Bhelwa, forest basil seed, forest cumin seed, Tamarind seed, Behera Kacharia, Harra Kacharia and Neem seeds, Kusumi seed, Reetha fruit (dry), Shikakai palli (dry), Satavar root (dry), Cashew kernels, Malkangani seed and Mahul leaf are included. Similarly pulas (flower), white musli (dry), indrajou, patal kumhara, and kutaj (bark), ashwagandha, amla raw, savai grass, broom, tikhur, behan lac-kusami, behan lac-rangini, bel (raw) ), and berries (raw) are procured at support price. Besides the support price on procurement of Kusumi Lac, Rangini Lac and Kullu Gond, State Government provides bonus as well.