Mount Abu's Salgaon dam project cleared with sincere efforts of MP Neeraj Dangi

The administrative approval of Mount Abu's Salgaon dam project continued due to the efforts of Rajya Sabha MP Neeraj Dangi.

Jaipur, 28 July 2021: The Salgaon Dam project, built in 1977 for a permanent solution to the drinking water problem of Mount Abu, seems to be taking shape with the sincere efforts of Rajya Sabha MP, Neeraj Dangi. Salgaon dam project, which was proposed to be built 44 years ago at an estimated cost of Rs 27 lakh, now the estimated cost of the project is estimated at Rs 250 crore.

Salgaon Dam Project is proposed by Public Health Engineering Department to solve the drinking water problem of Mount Abu. The total catchment area of ​​Salgaon dam in this project is 777.90 hectares and the total filling capacity is estimated at 155.56 million cubic feet. The total submergence area of ​​the dam is 52.55 hectare, out of which 5.96 hectare is reserved forest land and 46.59 hectare is private and government land.

It is noteworthy that in the present water plans of Mount Abu, the main source of drinking water is Upper Kodra and Lower Kodra. Due to which about 42.62 MCFT water is available annually. Whereas the present water demand of Mount Abu is estimated at 85.21 mcft (inclusive of school, army, tourist population). Thus the water demand is much more than the available water. The water demand of this project for the design year 2071 is 147.63 million cubic feet and according to the Water Resources Department, the Salgaon dam will provide 140 million cubic feet of drinking water at 75% dependability. Thus the water available in Salgaon dam will be sustainable as per the water demand.

Financial approval of Rs 31.67 lakh was issued by the Finance Committee of Public Health Engineering Department to prepare the DPR of the project through Water Resources Department and administrative approval of Rs 250.54 crore has been issued by the policy making committee of the said project.

With the construction of this dam, the waste water flowing during the rainy season will be utilized properly and there will be a permanent solution of drinking water for the residents of Abu Mountains till the year 2071. Apart from this, the farmers of the area will also get irrigation facility from the dam and the wildlife will also get freedom from the scarcity of drinking water.

Even before this, Rajya Sabha MP Shri Neeraj Dangi, with the help of Central Water Commission and World Bank, approved the renovation, modernization and improvement work of Sukli Selwara dam located in Reodar tehsil under Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project, to provide irrigation facility in 20 villages of the area. An amount of Rs 26.34 crore was sanctioned for