MP Corona Combat CM Shivraj Video Meeting with Women Health Workers & District Officials

Total lock-down should be ensured in all districts: Chief Minister Chauhan
Instructions for strict action against violators of lockdown
Chief Minister Chauhan gave instructions to districts through video conference
Implement strict restrictions to deal with Corona crisis - Chief Minister Chauhan

Bhopal: On Monday, April 6, 2020, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that to deal with the Corona crisis, we all must strictly follow restrictions. He said that we must take all necessary steps to prevent the problem from escalating. The Chief Minister gave this information to the people of the state through video today.

The Chief Minister said that problems have increased in Bhopal due to some people from outside. We must prevent Bhopal from becoming a hotspot. He said that strict action would be taken during the lockdown on exit without unavoidable reasons. The problem is large and will have to be prevented from taking a more widespread form. No person will be allowed to exacerbate problems due to his or her senselessness. Shri Chouhan said that all of us will have to work in the larger public interest and will have to tolerate some inconveniences.

Chief Minister also talked to ASHA workers

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan today, ASM worker, ANM working in Health Department. And after telephone conversation with the staff nurse, he got information about the work being done at the ground level for corona control. Shri Chauhan took details from ASHA worker Beenu Sonu about the plains conditions. The Chief Minister said that the work being done by the ground staff of the Health Department in the current situation is praiseworthy.

Talking to Jyothika Chaturvedi, Staff Nurse of Indore, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the whole state is grateful to you for the way you are doing your work day and night. Jyothika said that together we will defeat Corona.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan thanked Deepshikha Gangarade, Staff Nurse of Indore, and said that the struggle with Corona is really a symbol of your indomitable ability and life expectancy. He said that the hard work of your people day and night is admirable. Shri Chouhan's ANM of Bhopal Also discussed with Purnima Pandey.

Total lock-down should be ensured in all districts: Chief Minister Chauhan
Instructions for strict action against violators of lockdown
Chief Minister Chauhan gave instructions to districts through video conference

Bhopal: On Monday, April 6, 2020, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has instructed all the districts by video conferencing to ensure total lock-down in their district to prevent Corona infection. Strict action should be taken against those who violate orders. If a corona hides the infection or does not cooperate with the investigation, it will be a serious crime. FIR against such people Enter and send to prison. Take action against those who are negligent in their work.

Chief Minister Chouhan reviewed the situation in Corona and the arrangements being made to deal with it district-wise and division-wise and gave necessary instructions to the officers. The Chief Minister also reviewed the Rabi procurement system district-wise.

Second sample negative of 11 patients

Divisional Commissioner Indore Shri Akash Tripathi informed that today the second sample of 11 corona patients has also come negative and they have been discharged. Out of the admitted patients, 116 patients are in good condition and 12 to 15 persons will be discharged daily from tomorrow. Collector Bhopal informed that Bhopal has been locked down. Action has been taken against 630 persons who have not complied with the orders.

House to Door Vegetable Milk Supply

Ujjain Collector informed that during the lockdown in the district, a smooth arrangement has been made to deliver vegetables, milk and ration material from door to door. Out of 8 episodes of Corona in Ujjain, 6 cases belong to the same family, all are in good condition.

Holiday 3 out of 8

Jabalpur district said that out of 8 corona patients there, 3 have been discharged due to recovery. Two patients will be discharged tomorrow, day after tomorrow. The condition of the remaining three is also good.

 One discharge will take place in another one or two days.

Gwalior said that one of the 2 corona patients there has been discharged and the other one will be discharged in a day or two. In Morena, 12 people belonging to the same family are infected. All is well. One of the 2 patients of Shivpuri has been discharged, the report of the second patient will come tomorrow.

Supply of essential items continues

Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains directed the Divisional Commissioners and District Collectors that supply of essential commodities should be maintained during Total Lok Down. Also, all freight vehicles and their empty vehicles should not be stopped. Vehicles of goods offering online services should also not be stopped. Centralized passes are also being arranged for logistics vehicles.

Continue harvesting

The Chief Minister directed that farmers in every district should be given the facility of harvesting. For this, harvesters, tractors, etc. should not be stopped and their repair, servicing etc. should also be arranged.

Uninterrupted power supply

The Chief Minister directed that the farmers should be supplied electricity for agricultural work. If the transformer is defective, it should be replaced immediately. The outstanding bill will be paid later.

Nobody sleep hungry

The Chief Minister said that adequate arrangements of food and food grains have been made in every district by the government. For this, the help desk and helpline number 181 is working. No person should sleep hungry in the districts. Both the recipient and the food giver can contact the help line number.

Do not refuse treatment for private hospital

The Chief Minister directed that private hospitals of the districts should not refuse treatment, otherwise action will be taken against them. Mark Government Hospital as Kovid Hospital. To increase the immunity of citizens, free distribution of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani medicines should be done in urban and rural areas.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed that district disaster management groups should be formed in each district. Second line of officers and employees should be prepared for Corona disaster work. People should be motivated to apply masks. Home made masks can also be used. Collectors ensure that the help line numbers of their district function effectively.

Chief Minister Chouhan directed all districts to make all arrangements for the procurement of rabi crops. Procurement work is being started from next 15 April. Therefore, they should make all necessary arrangements for the procurement in their respective districts. Make maximum purchase price purchase centers and call farmers through SMS on due date, so that there is no rush on the procurement centers. The transport system was flawed last year, this time should be good.

State, Division and District Level Control Room

The Chief Minister directed that state, division and district level control rooms should be set up to solve the problems of farmers in relation to Rabi procurement. There was no problem in withdrawing the money of the schemes. He told the collectors that the funds of various government schemes have been transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries by the central government and the state government. The beneficiaries should not face any difficulty in withdrawing this amount from the banks, so that the banks do not have unnecessary crowds.